Enhancing Public Transit Efficiency with Miovision Opticom

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) is committed to providing efficient bus-based public transportation for nearly 769,000 residents in Albany, New York. With over half of the population residing within a quarter mile of CDTA’s 2,640 bus stops, schedule adherence is crucial to enhance user experiences and boost ridership.

Challenges such as monitoring Transit Signal Priority (TSP) system performance and collaborating across teams with disparate systems motivated CDTA to seek innovative solutions. Leveraging the power of Miovision Opticom Transit Signal Priority, CDTA embarked on a pilot project with three main objectives: minimizing schedule delays, validating the efficacy of TSP through data, and enhancing operational efficiency through cross-agency collaboration.

Overall, CDTA achieved significant improvements in performance with Miovision Opticom TSP:

  • A reduction in average signal delays by 43%, leading to smoother traffic flow and improved overall transit efficiency.
  • Stops on red, a key indicator of transit disruption, decreased by 22%. This reduction translated to a more seamless travel experience for passengers and enhanced schedule adherence.
  • Accurate data and insights empowered CDTA to make informed decisions. This led to better configuration of TSP parameters, schedule adjustments, and other operational improvements.
  • With reduced signal delays and stops on red, the overall rider experience was significantly improved.

Download the case study to discover how CDTA achieved improvements in public transportation performance.

Download the Case Study

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