Measuring Arterial Operations and Performance with Miovision Hardware

Miovision System & Traffic Data Review of Gillette Stadium

Between February 2019 and August 2021, Miovision and MassDOT teamed up to install Miovision hardware and software solutions at several intersections within the Gillette Stadium traffic network. This access resulted in vital insights into traffic patterns, allowing MassDOT to comprehensively understand how to plan, organize, and improve traffic management on game days. Read the case study to see how MassDOT was able to:

  • Gain actual depictions of peak hour volumes versus overall intersection volume trends.
  • Access live and historical video to understand and develop solutions to mitigate high-risk areas.
  • Introduce new traffic management strategies using in-depth travel time charts.
  • Improve the overall Intersection Health within the Gillette Stadium traffic network.

Download the case study to learn how MassDOT achieved successful traffic management in one of their most challenging traffic networks.

Traffic Data Review of Gillette Stadium - Miovision

Download the Case Study

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