GPS-Based Priority Control for Faster Emergency Response in Savannah, GA

GPS-Based Priority Control for Faster Emergency Response in Savannah, GA

“This preemption system significantly cut our response time.”

Bengie Cowart, Operations Chief at MedStarOne.

In Savannah, Georgia, emergency response vehicles faced significant delays due to dense traffic along the DeRenne Avenue corridor. Conventional preemption systems struggled with the city’s complex urban landscape, prompting a need for a more effective solution.

Savannah’s traffic engineering team advocated for a robust GPS-based system capable of operating over long distances and around obstacles. After rigorous testing, the Opticom™ GPS Emergency Vehicle Preemption system was implemented, significantly improving response times by enabling traffic signal preemption from as far as 5,600 feet.

To learn more about Savannah’s success with Miovision Opticom EVP, unlock our case study.

Incredible Outcomes Savannah Experienced with Our EVP Solution

  • Faster, Safer Emergency Responses: Emergency vehicles save an average of 5 to 7 minutes per trip, enhancing safety and efficiency
  • Community-Driven Improvements: Strong local support led to the expansion of the system, now including 73 intersections and benefitting police, fire services, and ambulances
  • Proactive Traffic Management: Part of the ‘Connecting Savannah’ initiative, this system integrates seamlessly with the city’s broader strategy to reduce congestion and improve public safety.


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