Opticom Adds Efficiency and Savings for Hanover Public Works

Streamlining Public Works Service with Opticom

“We love Opticom® IR. It’s a reliable tool to help us do our jobs more effectively. We’re able to clear and maintain the roads for our residents in significantly less time for significantly less money”

– Mike Chase,

Operations Manager, Hanover

As the town of Hanover, nestled in New England and home to Dartmouth College, expanded, so did the challenges faced by its Public Works Department. Managing the roads, especially during harsh winders with nearly 70 inches of snowfall required a strategic solution. The Hanover Public Works team found the solution with the Miovision Opticom IR system, originally known for emergency response optimization. 

As the town grew, road maintenance was multiplied, and the team faced inefficiencies. Hanover Public Works, already familiar with the Opticom IR system for emergency vehicles, extended its usage to the public works fleet. Read the case study to find out how the Opticom System became integral to the Public Works department.

Hanover Experienced Many Key Benefits from Opticom

  • Up to 90 seconds saved at each intersection
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More uniform results in public works tasks

Download the case study now to explore how Hanover Public Works harnessed Opticom IR to drive operational efficiency, cost savings, and innovative traffic management.

Download the Case Study

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