Creating Safer Roads and Quicker Responses: The Harris County Success Story

Improving Emergency Response with Miovision Opticom EVP in Harris County

“The Opticom package has just been a phenomenal replacement for what we had,” Chief Seifert said. “I wish we’d have done it sooner!” -Chief Seifert

“The GTT system has had a positive impact on reducing our total response time. “We have less exposure to vehicular risk because traffic continues to flow while we’re giving them the green light. It has significantly assisted us in our actual drive time response.” – Chief Windisch

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact on southeastern Texas and the Louisiana coastline, Harris County, the most populous county in Texas with 4.1 million residents, faced unprecedented challenges. With aging traffic preemption technology and the urgent need for a modern, centralized solution Harris County embarked on a journey towards enhanced emergency response capabilities.

Download the case study to learn how Harris County used Miovision Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption to improve their emergency response times.

Harris County, led by a consortium of 7 Emergency Service Districts, chose Miovision Opticom EVP for its centralized architecture, interoperability and rapid deployment through the subscription-based model. This decision was driven by Miovision’s extensive experience, commitment to evolving technologies, and the company’s track record in the industry.

Key Outcomes in Harris County’s Traffic Data Enhancement

  • Reduced response times for emergency vehicles, enhancing public safety
  • Centralized management and monitoring with web-based reporting, providing valuable insights for proactive problem solving
  • Deployment flexibility with Preemption as a Service (PCaaS), mitigating the risk of future damage
  • Access to the latest software and hardware updates, keeping technology up to date

Download the Case Study

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