Unlocking Safer Emergency Response: Liberty Township’s Success with Opticom

Explore How Liberty Township Decreased Arrival Times for their First Responders

“The results have been remarkable. I believe we’ve saved several lives since implementation because we can reach the scene and the hospitals so much faster”

– Mickey Smith

Veteran Firefighter for LTFD

Liberty Township

Liberty Township, just outside Columbus Ohio, faced a critical need for faster emergency response due to their rapid population growth. Opticom’s emergency vehicle preemption technology transformed their approach, reducing response times and ensuring safety within their growing community. 

The thriving community faced a critical issue. The Liberty Township Fire Department, responsible for providing first response and advanced prehospital care, struggled with increasing traffic volume. As a result, the National Fire Protection Agency guidelines for response times were only met 23% of the time, compromising the level of care provided.

To combat these challenges, Liberty Township turned to Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), recognizing it as a key factor in improving response times. 

Learn how Liberty Township transformed its emergency response with Opticom EVP. Unlock the detailed case study now and discover how you can enhance your community’s safety through cutting-edge technology.

Liberty Township saw huge improvements with Opticom EVP

  • 42% reduction in arrival time for Fire
  • 40% reduction in arrival time for EMS
  • Enhanced safety for First Responders
  • Accurately estimated Time of Arrival
  • Operational cost savings

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