MATA’s Journey to Efficient and On-Time Services with Opticom Transit Signal Priority

How MATA Slashed Delays and Improved Travel Times with TSP

“The ability to extend or truncate traffic signals reduces the time spent waiting at red lights unnecessarily and improves our ability to serve the greater Memphis community. So why not use a similar approach for our buses? We could reduce transit delays without compromising everyday traffic flow.”

John Lancaster, Manager of Planning for MATA.

With nearly 11 million annual trips on Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) services, the bustling city faced a challenge on its busiest transit corridors. These crucial routes, accounting for around 2 million trips, were plagued by heavy traffic, leading to significant delays and frustration among transit riders.

MATA recognized the need for a transformative solution to alleviate transit delays and enhance the overall commuting experience for its riders. The decision was made to leverage Opticom , a technology already proven effective in expediting emergency response times in Memphis.

MATA implemented Opticom Transit Signal Priority (TSP) at key intersections with buses equipped with Opticom GPS technology. Impressed with the Opticom Central Management Software, MATA ensured the consistent functionality of the TSP system.

To learn more about Memphis Area Transit Authority’s success with Miovision Opticom TSP, unlock our case study.

Incredible Outcomes MATA Experienced with Our TSP Solution

  • 20% reduction in travel times
  • Operational cost savings of around $200,000
  • Real time maintenance alerts
  • 10% increase in ridership potential

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