Case Study: A Modern Approach to Traffic Management

Signal Performance Measures were a revolution in traffic control management, compared to the conventional approach of anecdotal problem identification and resolution. Traditionally, issues in the network are identified through citizen complaints or field observations and a technician is dispatched to verify the problem and fix it. Today, Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) offer a cost-efficient and data-driven way to identify and assess problems, which alleviates the need for frequent field visits. Moreover, ATSPMs can help maintain optimal performance levels and allow for frequent timing changes to address the needs of the community.

Monitoring ATSPMs can be time consuming and carries the risk of overlooking some problems due to the large amounts of data requiring analysis. Miovision Traffop has built-in features to make these tasks easier through an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience.

Miovision Traffop™ is designed to automate the manual work required to analyze the data from your existing infrastructure and makes it easier for traffic engineers and technicians to manage their networks.  

Download the case study to learn:

  • How one of our customers, with limited resources, used intelligent solutions to identify, prioritize and solve problems in their traffic network remotely
  • How this solution uses AI to comb through large amounts of data from your existing network, analyzes and displays the results into interactive dashboards.
  • How the platform uses APIs to integrate with your traffic systems, streamlining data exchange across products to optimize your existing investments

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study

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