Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption: Myrtle Beach’s Journey to Safer Emergency Response

How Myrtle Beach Improved Safety and Emergency Response with Opticom EVP

“[Opticom EVP] has been a huge benefit for us. Since we’ve had it installed, we have not had an accident involving a vehicle at a preempted intersection.”

– Tom Gwyer

Fire Chief Myrtle Beach

More than 104,000 people moved to the Myrtle Beach area over the past 8 years, a 30% population increase. Coupled with over 18 million annual tourists, the city was in search of a solution for its first responders. This surge created challenges for the fire department in responding to emergencies promptly. Fire Chief Tom Gwyer recognized the need for emergency vehicle preemption to enhance response times, improve patient outcomes, and reduce property damage.

By 2018, Myrtle Beach installed Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption on 25 intersections and 23 vehicles. Chief Gwyer’s vision extended further, expanding the deployment in 2020 for an additional 3 vehicles and 37 intersections throughout the city.

Chief Gwyer’s advocacy for the Opticom product found support not only within the fire department but crucially from the city’s traffic department. This collaborative approach ensured a seamless implementation, with Opticom EVP system orchestrating green lights for emergency vehicles.

Unlock the case study to learn more about how Opticom improved the city’s operations.

Myrtle Beach Experienced Immediate Benefits with Opticom

  • Eliminated accidents at preempted intersections
  • Reduced emergency response travel times
  • Flexible deployment without capital expenses
  • Continuous flow of traffic

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