Revolutionizing Traffic Flow With ATSPM Data Analysis

A Breakthrough Near a High School and Major Freeway

Miovision recently partnered with Mead & Hunt to take on the challenge of re-timing a crucial corridor along Riva Road in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

This busy stretch, featuring eight intersections, faced traffic flow issues due to schedule changes at Annapolis High School as well as changing land use patterns in the area.

The mission was clear: optimize the corridor’s signal timings quickly and without the need for physical site visits.

Leveraging the power of big data through Miovision’s ATSPMs, Mead & Hunt were able to transcend traditional traffic signal optimization practices and achieve a breakthrough. The new timing plans developed with this method achieved superior traffic flow, project cost-effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction.

The teams implemented a collaborative approach with the client, making full use of 24/7 traffic counts and performance metrics provided by Miovision’s cloud-based ATSPMs, as well as remote access to intersection data.

Key Outcomes:

  • Remote Operation: The entire project, from ATSPM data analysis to re-timing, was conducted remotely, eliminating the need for physical site visits.
  • Rapid Results: The project was completed in just a few weeks (compared to the conventional 2–4 month timeline), showcasing the efficiency of Miovision ATSPMs and Mead & Hunt’s innovative approach to signal optimization.

Annual User Cost Savings:¹

Mead & Hunt achieved huge cost savings through this project. Take a look:

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¹ User cost savings are calculated based on delay time savings, vehicle volumes and median hourly wages. A fuel price of $2.98 per gallon was used in the calculations.

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