TERRA Engineering creates a competitive traffic data mix with Miovision

As traffic needs become increasingly complex, traffic departments are faced with the difficult task of reducing project labor costs, collecting accurate and reliable data safely at the roadside. Traditional counting equipment is costly due to the labor hours spent having field personnel collecting data on vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle usage. To meet these challenges, traffic departments must adopt a solution that can improve operational efficiencies.

Download the case study to learn how TERRA, a full-service engineering firm, used Miovision’s Scout Video Collection Units for traffic data collection to improve their operations.

By adopting Miovision Scout solution, TERRA was able to collect numerous classifications, increase their capacity and accuracy of traffic data collection while also providing customers with value added benefits, such as access to an online data management portal and videos.

Overall, TERRA achieved the following with their traffic data collection projects:

  • Reduced project costs by 54%
  • Decreased lead time by 20% in the data collection process 
  • Collect intersection data for longer non-traditional periods, up to several days at a time

Download the case study and learn how to make your traffic studies safer, more efficient and accurate!

Download the Case Study

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