Fast, accurate traffic data

The process for collecting and using traffic data is broken. You request data in one place, collect it in another, and analyze it in yet another. We knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we built Miovision DataLink.

A foundation you can build on

Stop dealing with multiple technologies and inconsistent results. Set up one Scout to collect all the data you need.

The only end-to-end solution

Still using your inbox to manage traffic data? Plan and execute your projects all in one place.

Fast and accurate

You need high-quality data, and you need it fast. Our traffic AI transforms raw video into data you can trust.

Easy. Really easy

Whether you’re using Scout in the field or DataLink in the office, our goal is to make your day to day easier.

Collaboration you can count on

From coordinating collectors to sharing analysis between teams, DataLink makes working together easy.

Safety first

Your team’s safety should always come first. Scout is deployed at the roadside — out of harm's way.

DataLink portal

Your home for traffic projects

We know that when transportation professionals need traffic data, they need it fast. That’s why we built the industry’s quickest and easiest way to request, deliver, and analyze traffic data.

  • Worry-free data collection
  • Simple project planning
  • Free unlimited data storage
  • Built for you

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A computer monitor displaying the "New Data Request" user interface with a map visual and a fillable form to request a new data collection project, including form fields for the exact road, intersection, crossing or junction where the data will be collected.

Miovision Scout

Built for life in the field

Miovision Scout is a fully connected, industry-leading, portable video data collection device. It’s built for reliable, unattended field operation for days at a time.

  • Fully connected
  • Multipurpose
  • Portable and durable
  • Weatherproof

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The Scout unit on top of a pile of dirt, with droplets of water covering the black exterior shell of the unit.

Traffic studies

If you can see it we can count it

Whether you’re counting vehicles, bikes, or people, Miovision Scout can capture it all. We then take that raw data and turn it into the world’s most accurate traffic studies. From turning movement counts to travel time, you can do it all with Scout.

  • 95%+ accurate
  • Full classification
  • 12+ traffic studies
  • 72-hour turnaround time or faster

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