Case study: A Modern Approach to Traffic Management

Monitoring ATSPMs can be often time consuming and carries the risk of overlooking some problems because of the large amounts of data that need to be analyzed. It also requires an understanding of ATSPMs. Traffop has built-in features to make these tasks easier and provides an intuitive user experience.  

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Early Adopters Benefiting from Miovision Traffop

Early adopters of Miovision TraffopTM have greatly benefited from collaboration, turning costly problems into actionable insights. Customer contributions are vital to the steady and continuous improvement of features and user experiences.

What is your goal?

Unlock insights from the traffic controllers that you already have, with Miovision Traffop.

Maximize return on investment

Fully unlock your infrastructure's capacity enabling peak working conditions.

Leverage more than 60 automated Traffop Insights to keep you on top of your priorities.

  • Data Insights

  • Maintenance Insights

  • Equipment Insights

  • Operational Insights

  • Configuration Insights

Improve Safety and Sustainability

Measure the performance of the network against your agency's objectives with Traffop solutions.

  • Red light runners

  • Level of Service (LOS)

  • Estimated Cost, caused by Vehicle Delay along with emissions and labor cost

  • CO2 emissions, including wasted fuel and VOC

  • Approach Volume

  • Delay per Vehicle

  • Queue Lengths

  • Arrival on red/green

  • Pedestrian delay

Optimize traffic and improve travel time

Monitoring ATSPMs is time consuming and can require more than one engineer to find the quick answers.

Traffop compiles large amounts of data and displays the results in interactive dashboards to assess the performance of an entire corridor and identify opportunities for improvement in one single simple view.

Webinar: Actionable Insights for your Traffic Network with Miovision Traffop

Learn how Miovision Traffop unlocks more value from your traffic infrastructure.

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