RapidFlow Surtrac is now Miovision Surtrac

Miovision® provides cities with modern tools to fix today’s traffic problems. Our solutions collect multimodal traffic data and deliver actionable insights, helping municipalities get more out of their road networks while keeping road users safe.

Miovision Surtrac optimizes the performance of signals in real-time for the traffic on the road, improves traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leads to less waiting, less pollution, and happier drivers.

Save Time with Real-time Control

Instead of setting signal timings based on traffic models that are minutes, days, or years old, Surtrac optimizes signal timings second by second according to the current traffic on the road. This accurate real-time response to traffic allows Surtrac to coordinate signals as traffic conditions change dynamically. Eliminate stops, reduce wait time, and improve travel speeds.

Reduce Costs with Scalable Deployments

Surtrac is an entirely distributed system designed to adapt to the uncertainties of traffic control. With no centralized computational bottlenecks, Surtrac deployments can quickly grow incrementally to expand networks, and as new intersections are added, performance at existing adaptive intersections will continue to improve. More efficient intersections can help decrease wear on the road surface and tires, resulting in cost savings for cities and road users.

Improving Air Quality by Reducing Emissions

Idling vehicles are a significant contributor to air pollution and GHG emissions. Making signal networks smarter with adaptive solutions means less time waiting at intersections, reduced emissions, and improved air quality.

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

Optimize for multiple modes of travel, keeping vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit moving and safe. Create 20% fewer harmful emissions and improve air quality by reducing stops and idling.

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Improvements in Travel Time


Less time waiting at intersections


Fewer Harmful Emissions

  • Get people to their destinations 25% faster.

  • Spend 40%+ less time waiting at intersections.

  • Make 30-40% fewer stops.

  • 20% fewer harmful emissions.