1 fatal car accident occurs every 15 minutes in the United States.

Miovision enables you to enhance traffic flow and optimize grid networks to keep San Antonio roads safe.

Addressing Mobility And Safety Concerns In Anaheim - Miovision

Addressing Mobility and Safety Concerns in San Antonio


16 Times


more road deaths than U.S. average

2nd worst

city for traffic in the country

75 hours

spent stuck in traffic per year

San Antonio needs better traffic solutions. But enhancing your city’s safety through intelligent transportation systems requires data—which can be a time-consuming process.
Enter Miovision. Through advanced data collection and industry-leading analysis, we help traffic professionals run projects that produce solutions.

Miovision’s Transformative

Traffic Solutions

We believe that a safer and more efficient transportation system is within your reach. Our innovative solutions have already proven their worth in cities worldwide, and now it’s time for Tampa bay to experience the transformative power of Miovision’s technology and applications—all in one centralized location.

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Learn How Miovision Transformed Road Safety in Detroit

Powered by Miovision One, this groundbreaking technology shows us how an investment originally made to solve traffic problems has the potential to become the foundation for smart city solutions—all made possible using the Miovision platform..

Unlock the Case Study

1,300 cities rely on Miovision.San Antonio, you’re
next on our list!

Our experience in collaborating with local authorities and communities has shaped our solutions to align seamlessly with
each city’s unique needs.

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Why Miovision?

At Miovision, we are already familiar with the unique challenges Tampa Bay is currently experiencing, and we're dedicated to helping you address them head-on with our leading data analysis products and services. We combine cutting-edge hardware, user-friendly software, intuitive training, and helpful customer support to make traffic networks safer and smarter.

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All Your Data in One Place

You have the power to collect, analyze, and interpret data all in one place.

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Real-time Data Analysis

Analyze real-time multimodal data to get more out of your traffic studies.

Predictive Modeling Icon

Predictive Modeling

Anticipate traffic patterns and optimize road networks for enhanced efficiency.

95% Data Accuracy Guarantee Icon

95% Data Accuracy Guarantee

Reliable and precise insights to inform traffic management decisions.

Bring San Antonio One Step Closer to
Vision Zero

As a company committed to improving traffic safety and efficiency in cities around the world, let's collaboratively shape a future where San Antonio thrives.

Schedule a free consultation and discover how Miovision can transform San Antonio transportation landscape. Together, we can pave the way to a smarter, safer, and more connected city.

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