Miovision Scout Explore

Instant onboard video processing at the roadside.

Non-intrusive and safely deployed at the roadside, Miovision Scout® Explore is the first portable video-based data collection solution to offer AI capabilities previously only available at the intersection or in the Cloud.

Collect more data

Full HD camera with HFOV 124° lens provides

  • High quality video

  • Wide field of view

  • Ability to collect more data in the study area

  • Improved data quality and insights for study locations

  • Cost-effective, efficient deployments using a single device

Onboard camera pole storage

The integrated camera pole

  • Extends up to 21 ft (6 m)

  • Maximizes field of view

  • Retracts into the device

  • Makes transporting and setup more efficient

Automatic data upload

AI algorithms and cellular connectivity enable

  • Onboard video processing

  • Automatic upload of multimodal* volume counts (ATRs), speed and pedestrian/bicycle pathway data

  • Immediate, remote access to data for review and validation

*Classifications include: motorcycles, cars, pick-ups & vans, buses, single unit trucks, articulated trucks, pedestrians and bicycles

Manage studies remotely

  • Built-in cellular connectivity

  • Automatic data upload

  • Remote access and monitoring of equipment in the field

  • High-capacity, industrial-grade SD card

  • Maximum video data storage

Secure in the field

Scout Explore can be quickly and easily secured in the field with

  • Integrated mounting straps

  • Built-in ratchets

  • No additional tools required

Extended battery capabilities

Scale studies as needed since Scout Explore

  • Operates on one to four high-capacity Li-ion batteries

  • Can be left unattended for up to 12 days (4 batteries)

  • Batteries can be replaced in the field without interrupting the study or shutting down the device

All-in-one design

A single device that provides

  • All components within the 4 ft (1.2 m) device

  • Easy transport

  • Fast deployment and set up

  • Data for TMCs, ATRs, roundabouts, pedestrian/bike pathways, travel time, and speed studies.

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