Safer, more accurate and consistent data collection

You no longer need to enter the road to set up data collection equipment or make unplanned site visits to check on the system.

Introducing Miovision Scout Explore

Miovision Scout® Explore is the first portable video-based data collection solution to offer AI capabilities that have only been available at the intersection or accessed in the Cloud.

Onboard video processing and automatic uploading of multimodal volume counts (ATRs), speed*, and pedestrian/bike** pathway data mean that results can be reviewed and validated back at the office - immediately. This next-generation Scout device is also nonintrusive and safely deployed at the roadside.

*Vehicle speed will be available late 2023. / ** Pedestrian and bike classification are currently available via video upload. Onboard availability: Coming in 2024

Scalable and customizable study types

SD *Custom classifications, such as e-scooters, are available by request. **Vehicle speed will be available late 2023.

  • Intersection and turning movement counts (TMCs). Tally of vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian movements
  • Pathway count. Count bicycle, e-scooter*, and pedestrian volumes on sidewalks, paths, or intersecting paths
  • Roundabout count. Sum of movements from origin to destination
  • Road volume data (ATR). Count vehicle, bicycle, and e-scooter volumes on a road segment
  • Speed data**. Collect speed data for standard vehicle classifications as part of road volume (ATR) studies
  • Travel time. Measure the time it takes a vehicle to travel between two or more locations along a corridor
  • Safety Studies for advanced safety analytics

* Custom classifications, such as e-scooters, are available by request. / **Vehicle speed will be available late 2023.

Expand traffic data capabilities with advanced options

  • Include all or some standard vehicle classifications
  • Flexibility to choose pedestrians, cyclists, and custom classifications
  • By request, custom classifications, like e-scooters, may be added for roadway, crosswalk, and pedestrian junction/pathway studies*
  • Selectable bin sizes of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes provide the granularity needed for any study
  • Speed data** is grouped into 15-minute bin sizes

* Custom classifications, such as e-scooters, are available by request. / ** Vehicle speed will be available late 2023.

Industry validated traffic data accuracy

96.4% vehicle volume accuracy

Accuracy comparison of non-intrusive, automated traffic volume counting equipment

99.5% vehicle volume accuracy

Evaluation of non-intrusive technologies for traffic detection

99% intersection count accuracy

Comparison of Turning Movement Count data collection methods for a signal optimization study

97.5% intersection count accuracy

AlburyCity comparison of traffic data collection methods

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