Solutions for Efficient Cities

Transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) is an essential function of any city or region.

With Miovision, you can make your existing transportation systems more efficient and improve overall mobility in your area with the most accurate data and insights in the industry.

Challenges for creating efficient cities

  • Vendor Lock-Ins

    The procurement process can be long, complicated, and expensive. And once the decision has been made, it can mean you’re locked in with a vendor for years – even if it’s not the right fit over time.

    Closed Technology

    Many traffic solutions don’t integrate with third-party technology, which means that other investments you’ve made can’t be leveraged in the infrastructure. Closed technologies are limiting, can be difficult to manage, and fail to take advantage of the benefits that seamless integration has to offer.

  • Lack of Collaboration

    Sharing data and insights across departments can promote the collaboration it takes to achieve mutual goals. Solutions that can’t translate traffic data into user-friendly information make it difficult to create synergies across the organization and with partners.

    Speed of Innovation

    Innovations in traffic technology are happening at an incredible pace. The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning have touched every industry, including TSM&O. Without a flexible traffic solution that can keep up with the speed of innovation, your investments can quickly become outdated and ineffective.

“We started with the goal of improving how we monitor our traffic signals, and now we’re working with Miovision to explore how to improve safety for pedestrians and help first responders get to emergencies more quickly.” Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation, Detroit

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