Your hassle-free traffic assistant

Miovision TrafficLink allows you to quickly identify and rank issues, solve them, validate the fix, and share results.

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Real-time problem detection

No need to wait for citizen complaints to know when there’s a problem.

Automatic alerts

Receive automatic alerts when issues arise, and assign them to the right people.

Urgency-based system

Miovision helps ensure you focus on the most urgent and impactful problems.


Measure the effectiveness of your solutions with detailed ATSPMs.

Real-time problem detection

Driving around to search for issues or waiting for citizen complaints to know when there’s a problem? Miovision TrafficLink automatically finds and reports problems.

Automatic alerts

Know exactly what’s happening in your traffic network with configurable SMS and email alerts for:

  • Signal in flash
  • Power loss
  • UPS activity
  • Faulty detector
  • Loss of connection

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Urgency-based system

It takes an entire team to solve traffic problems. Everyone needs access to real-time information to do their part.

  • Set logic and rules based on the type and severity of issues so your team can triage problems
  • Make the best use of your resources with data-driven decisions
  • The right people get the right information when they need it


No more hoping your changes worked. Track the effectiveness of your fixes individually, and at an overall level to ensure you’re working towards eliminating your backlog.

  • Prove ROI and secure future funding
  • Understand the resources you need today and plan for tomorrow

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How the World's Smartest Intersection transforms traffic operations

Learn how the City of Detroit went from basic signal connectivity and remotely managing their traffic signals, to the World’s Smartest Intersection, with Miovision.

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