Non-intrusive, high-resolution Traffic Studies

Safer, more accurate and efficient data collection with Miovision

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Traffic data you can trust

Since 2005, Miovision has produced data that traffic teams can trust.

Portable or permanent

Whether you’re looking for a quick corridor study or a permanent 24/7 count, Miovision has you covered.

Keep your field techs out of harm’s way

Miovision solutions offer non-intrusive traffic data collection that never sacrifices the safety of your field teams.

Eliminate setup time and increase efficiency

Both our portable and permanent data collection solutions can be installed in just minutes and stand up against wear and tear, and construction.

Traffic data you can trust

When your team is making decisions based on data, the end result is only as good as the data that goes into it. You can rest assured that Miovision is committed to providing traffic data you can trust.

  • Verifiable data through video recall
  • Large variety of study types
  • Full vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist classification

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Spend less time in the field

Our permanent and portable solutions are both designed to be installed in minutes and easy to manage wherever you are.

  • Access on-demand counts and studies
  • View real-time video from your intersection
  • Remotely and securely monitor, update, and configure hardware

Keep your field techs out of harm’s way

Compared to other technologies, Miovision Solutions are deployed at the roadside in minutes, keeping your field technicians safe

Portable or permanent

Miovision Scout
Our portable video collection units are designed for
reliable, unattended field operation for days at a time.

Miovision TrafficLink
TrafficLink collects traffic data 24/7 from intersections, including pedestrians and bikes.

Enhancing the accuracy, safety, and reliability of traffic data collection

New York City

Pneumatic road tubes have long been considered the de facto standard for collecting volume-based traffic data due to their low cost, and quick installation. However, safety concerns, accuracy and auditability challenges, and narrowness of the data has many state DOT’s either adopting, or are looking to adopt safer, more efficient methods of traffic data collection, that provide richer, and more actionable data.

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