Miovision Surtrac

Miovision Surtrac adapts in real-time to changing traffic by optimizing traffic flows every second across not just arterials and corridors, but also complex urban grid networks.

Miovision Surtrac optimizes the performance of signals for the traffic that is actually on the road, improving traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leading to less waiting, less pollution, and happier drivers.


travel time


less time waiting


fewer harmful emissions

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

  • Optimize for multiple modes of travel, keeping vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit moving and safe

  • Get people to their destinations 25% faster by eliminating stops, reducing wait time, and increasing travel speeds.

  • Spend over 40% less time waiting at intersections.

  • Make 30-40% fewer stops, decreasing wear on the road and tires and resulting in a cost savings for drivers and cities.

  • Produce 20% fewer harmful emissions and improve air quality by reducing stops and idling.

Traffic Signal Control - Miovision

The Most Advanced Way to Do Traffic Signal Control

Surtrac is a decentralized AI system that treats the intersection control challenge in a whole new way -- as a single machine scheduling problem that optimizes each intersection and then shares information with neighbor intersections to create coordination and control across whole networks.

  • Real-time Response to Actual Traffic
    Surtrac optimizes every second based on actual traffic flows
  • Decentralized & Inherently Scalable
    Surtrac is decentralized and scalable to networks of any size & shape
  • Optimized for Complex Grids, Not Just Corridors
    While Surtrac is capable of handling suburban corridors with a single dominant flow, it really shines when optimizing more complex grid networks with multiple competing flows that change throughout the day
  • Multi-modal Optimization
    With advanced sensing, Surtrac can integrate vehicle, pedestrian, bus, and bicycle traffic flows according to pre-specified priorities
  • Integrated with Connected Vehicles
    Surtrac exploits more accurate connected vehicle data and can use it to enhance mobility
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Multi-Modal Traffic Flow - Miovivsion

Optimized for Multi-modal Traffic Flow

Surtrac is designed to optimize traffic for all modes of travel, including:

  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Transit
  • Connected Travelers and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)
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Adapting In Urban Environments - Miovision

Adapting in Urban Environments

In addition to arterials and corridors, Surtrac was specifically designed to optimize urban road networks, where traffic is complex, dynamic, and multi-modal. Surtrac coordinates traffic in grid networks and corridors for the way people actually move around cities and towns..

  • Second-by-second optimization allows Surtrac to adapt quickly to unexpected congestion and/or reduced capacity
  • All adaptation is decentralized and autonomous, as Surtrac optimizes based on current vehicle locations, not historical data
  • Surtrac handles lane closures, double parked vehicles, and other sources of uncertainty in real-time
  • Information about queues from downstream intersections (softpressure) allows Surtrac to avoid dumping vehicles into an already saturated link
  • Surtrac has been deployed extensively in networks with tightly spaced intersection with narrow roads
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Read the Peterborough case study

Case Study Reducing Congestion - Miovision
Reducing Congestion and Optimizing Signal Timing Systems With Miovision Solutions
Using Miovision TrafficLink solutions with Miovision Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control systems, the City of Peterborough initiated a pilot project to compare traditional signal timing systems with adaptive signal systems. Read the Case Study

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