It’s not just about solving the problem, it’s knowing what problems to solve

Traffic Insights are our Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs). They use real-time data to help you evaluate signals and reduce congestion, save fuel costs, and improve safety.

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Signal performance measures

Improve intersection performance by understanding key metrics like vehicle volumes, wait times, and problem detection.

Arterial performance measures

Get the bigger picture. Examine factors like travel time and corridor congestion to better understand how your network is performing.

Maintenance and infrastructure insights

Know what’s working and what’s not — plus, have the data to back it up.

ATSPMs without the complexity

TrafficLink translates your data into visuals that make sense. See what makes us different.

Enhance intersection performance

Signal performance measures

Use your intersection’s real-time and historical data in new ways to improve performance and make changes that impact citizens. Answer questions like:

  • What kind of traffic volumes are we seeing?
  • Do we have the right allocation of green time between movements?
  • Are we meeting our goals on vehicle wait times?

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Optimize your traffic corridors

Arterial performance measures

See the bigger picture. Measure how a change at one intersection impacts your network. Answer questions like:

  • Are my intersections in a corridor well coordinated?
  • Did that timing plan adjustment fix my progression problems?
  • Is traffic flowing normally in my corridors?

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Elevate system performance

Maintenance & infrastructure insights

Alert the right people to issues before they escalate. Keep track of trouble areas and prove your impact with real data. Answer questions like:

  • Where are the trouble spots in my network? How often are they occurring?
  • Which detectors appear to be performing unreliably?
  • How can I remotely determine if my maintenance contractors have resolved signal issues to my satisfaction?

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Miovision TrafficLink

ATSPMs without the complexity

We turn mountains of data into visuals that help you make confident decisions.

  • Clean and simple visualizations
  • Easy to understand metrics, and use cases
  • Contextual information for intersections, movements, and directions

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Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) are a hot topic in the traffic industry. ATSPMs use data from controllers and traffic probes to help agencies quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve traffic operations problems.

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