On-Demand Webinar: Miovision Surtrac – Real-time Optimization of Dynamic Traffic Networks

Webinar Duration: 45 minutes.

You will learn from leading traffic experts about how Miovision™ Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control system optimizes traffic flows in real-time based on actual traffic conditions. 

During this webinar, you will have the chance to learn and ask questions on how Miovision Surtrac can optimize traffic flow, reduce wait times and lower GHG emissions by:

  • Providing decentralized and scalable solutions for any traffic network of any size and shape
  • Multimodal optimization for all road users, keeping pedestrians, transit, cyclists, and vehicles moving and safe
  • Coordinating traffic flow on dynamic grids, not just on arterials or corridors
  • Focusing on real-world traffic rather than historical data for the most significant impact



Greg Barlow, Ph.D.
Software Architect


Olivia Babcock, P.Eng.
Traffic Engineering Specialist

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