Actionable Insights for your Traffic Network with Miovision Traffop

Miovision Traffop™ is a cloud based, software-only solution that collects data from your existing traffic controller infrastructure to produce signal performance measures and actionable insights. 

Keeping up with the maintenance and operations of your signal systems is tedious work!

The continuous need to keep cabinet components, controllers, communication and the signal infrastructure operating efficiently is challenging and time consuming. Keeping up with an agency’s objectives and attending to road users’ complaints, all while keeping signal timings up to date on a city wide scale, is taxing for your traffic teams.

Always be one step ahead of signal performance issues.

Miovision Traffop creates powerful reports and notifications that highlight issues based on highest impact for the agency, covering anything from configuration and maintenance issues to operations. Traffop scans data on a continuous basis automatically. It even lets you know where you could improve your systems by adding new equipment such as stopbar or advanced detection.

During the webinar, you will have the chance to learn about:

  • Signal Performance Measures refresher
  • Challenges with current signal performance measure data
  • Beyond Just Data: Traffop’s actionable insights and dashboards
  • Integration of performance measures into agency operations

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