Miovision Traffop Webinar – Solving Today’s Traffic Operations Challenges

Webinar Duration: 1 hour.

Who is this webinar for? Traffic planners and operators.

Miovision Traffop™ is a cloud based, software-only, equipment agnostic solution that collects data from your existing traffic controller infrastructure to produce signal performance measures and actionable insights. In this webinar, we will break down how to use modern technology to reach agency goals of reduced operational costs and improved efficiencies. 

During the webinar, we will discuss the common challenges traffic agencies are facing, and the solutions Traffop offers:

  1. Address citizen complaints: Reduce complaints and be proactive with maintenance, operational and performance insights
  2. Uncover inefficiencies to reduce operating costs: Make the most of your resources with the Insights Map to prioritize day to day tasks
  3. Reduce traffic congestion and emissions using data from your existing infrastructure: Easily identify and address sub-optimal traffic performance 



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