Introducing Miovision Scout® Plus

Modern technology has transformed data collection in the traffic industry, yet labor-intensive techniques persist. Traditional methods include manual surveys by human surveyors, road tubes, sensors, and radar. The choice of data collection method hinges on diverse factors. With numerous options, selecting the ideal equipment for your traffic studies may seem challenging.

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  • Make your traffic studies safer, more efficient and accurate
  • Optimize your data collection operations

Miovision Scout® Plus: One Device to Collect all Data Types, Verifiable Accuracy

Whether you need to count vehicles, or make roads safer, you can collect everything you need – safety studies, volume counts, TMCs, pedestrian/bicycle pathway and speed data – with a single device.

  • 95% Data Accuracy* for all uploaded video studies
  • Speed data 90-95% accuracy at the 85th percentile speed in kph / mph** 
  • Up to 4 lanes with one device

*Data on file for uploaded video
**Data on file

Cost-effective, Upgradable

It can be complex and costly to collect mobility data, requiring multiple devices to capture vehicle counts and class, and another device to capture vehicle speed. With Miovision Scout Plus, AI algorithms and cellular connectivity enable instant onboard video processing of ATRs and Speed studies with remote access to data for review and validation. Data is auditable and verifiable for all study types to ensure accuracy.

Miovision Scout Plus is upgradable over time, allowing additional onboard processing study types, outlined below, and features as they become available, maximizing the device’s lifespan and value.

The following studies are available with Miovision Scout Plus:

Instant Processing On the device Studies

  • Speed
  • ATR

Upload Video processing

  • Safety Intersection Count
  • Roundabout Count
  • Road and Highway Volume
  • Ped and Bike Pathway
  • Turning Movement Counters (TMC’s)

Keep technicians safely out of the road!
64% of highway contractors reported work zone crashes***

How We Can Help
Scout Plus is non-intrusive and can be safely deployed at the roadside for all studies, with remote access for monitoring of equipment in the field. No road entry for setup or unplanned site visits required, reducing labor costs.

Road Traffic Fatalities – A Global Problem
Each year, 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world.****

Get One Step Closer to Vision Zero!
Scout Plus offers comprehensive safety studies that identify near-misses and use a number of factors to predict the likelihood of an injury or fatality-causing crash. This enables traffic engineers to identify – and mitigate – risks before collisions happen.

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Tony Brijpaul

Co-founder & Product Manager



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