Webinar – Safety Study Risk Reports

On-Demand webinar: Miovision Safety Studies: Overview of a Safety Risk Diagnostic Report

Duration: 45 minutes

Miovision Safety Studies is designed to offer a proactive, data-driven approach to safety analytics. Using Computer Vision to measure near-misses, vehicle speeds, timing, conflict angle, user vulnerability, and other risk factors can help accurately predict where a serious crash is likely to occur. With this data, engineers can develop proactive plans to improve the safety of the intersection and prevent an accident before it ever happens.

With up to 94% accuracy* in predicting future injury crashes, Miovision Safety Studies provides a reliable and effective solution for improving road safety. The system’s crash prediction capabilities are continuously strengthened with increased deployments globally, making it an ideal solution for cities and municipalities looking to improve road safety in their communities.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the Risk Diagnostic Report that is produced from a Miovision Safety Study of an intersection
  • Get an overview of conflict types and metric definitions
  • Learn how to turn the diagnostic report outputs into an action plan
  • Have the opportunity to review an actual report produced for the City of Los Angeles (South La Brea Ave. & Adams Blvd.)



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