Enhancing Emergency Response and Traffic Safety in San Rafael

Known as the “Gateway to the Bay,” San Rafael, California, faces the challenge of managing high traffic volume, especially along the 101 Freeway. The San Rafael Police Department and first responders must leverage technology to ensure road user safety and improve community well-being.

When incidents occur on the 101 Freeway, frustrated drivers seek alternate routes, causing congestion in the city. This congestion delays emergency responders and poses risks to public safety. Despite these challenges, Sergeant Justin Graham of the San Rafael Police Department initiated a search for solutions to combat traffic congestion.

To address these issues, San Rafael embraced the Miovision Opticom Cloud Platform and Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP). This centralized communication platform, integrating Miovision infrastructure technology and Whelen vehicle cloud platforms, enables swift emergency response. Connected devices relay vehicle information to traffic signals, granting emergency vehicles a safer path by turning lights green in advance.

With Miovision Opticom EVP, San Rafael achieved impressive results:

  • The implementation of EVP facilitated faster emergency response times and safer routes for 56 police and fire vehicles across 53 signalized intersections.
  • San Rafael’s innovative approach utilized existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for new hardware. This cost-effective strategy saved the city money and expedited deployment.
  • The “as-a-service” payment model allowed the city to spread its budget over a decade, offering financial flexibility while achieving vital improvements.
  • The extensibility of the Miovision Opticom Cloud Platform enabled multiple public agencies to benefit from the solution through mutual aid.

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