Streamline Emergency Response With Miovision Opticom EVP

Shorten emergency response times in your city with Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP). Deploying this cloud-based solution at congested intersections in partnership with Whelen gets first responders where they’re needed faster and more safely than ever before.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Navigating Gridlocks and Traffic Congestion

Getting through gridlock and heavy traffic can significantly delay emergency response times, endangering lives and property

Intersection Crashes en Route to Emergencies

The absence of proper traffic control measures increases public safety teams' risk when responding to an incident.

Feeling Anxious or Stressed Behind the Wheel

Vehicle fatality rates for emergency responders are 4.8 times higher than the United States national average.

Resource Limitations During Emergencies

Without cloud connectivity to support mutual aid, the effectiveness of collaborative emergency response efforts between multiple regions is limited.

Miovision Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Traffic Signal Priority Control

Ensure emergency vehicles have the right of way by requesting priority at intersections, creating a clear path and minimizing accidents.

More Informed Decision-Making

Miovision’s cloud-connected solution enhances decision-making by monitoring traffic flow, mitigating congestion, and relaying Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) data.

Managed Subscription Service

A Priority Control as-a-service (PCaaS) payment model offers public safety agencies the advantage of rapid deployment while maintaining budgetary flexibility.

Faster, Safer Routes

Provide emergency vehicles with swift, safe routes, alleviating stress during critical responses and ensuring timely assistance for enhanced public safety.

Cloud-based Solution

Seamless connect with Opticom EVP to existing vehicle hardware (Whelen Integration) eliminating the need for new equipment to ensure rapid deployment.

Protection for Protectors

Safeguard community heroes with route prioritization, real-time traffic insights, and effective communication so that they return home safely after service.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“[Opticom™ EVP] allows the police officer to focus on getting to what could be a tense situation without stress in the most dangerous time of their day—which is when they're behind the wheel. We don’t want an accident on the way to an accident.”

Captain Ryan Goodwin, San Rafael Fire Department

How Miovision Improved Emergency Response Times in San Rafael by 25%

When employed together across 53 signalized intersections in San Rafel, Opticom™ EVP and Whelen VSG produced exceptional results for 56 police and fire vehicles, including:

  • 70% reduction in intersection crash rates

  • 25% improvement in emergency response times

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Every Second Counts in 
an Emergency

The clock is ticking—count on Opticom™ EVP to deliver a safer path forward.
This solution is built with public safety teams in mind, providing them with the green light when they need it the most!

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