Introducing: Miovision Scout Explore for Traffic Studies

The first portable data collection solution capable of processing video on the device.

We’re excited to introduce our next-generation traffic studies solution – Miovision Scout® Explore. 


This new Scout model is the first portable data collection device that provides instant onboard video processing at the roadside. The data for volume counts (ATRs), speed and pedestrian/bike pathway studies is also automatically uploaded to the cloud for immediate access and reporting without having to retrieve the device from the field. 


Expanding on the Scout capabilities you currently rely on, Scout Explore offers:


  • An all-in-one hardware design makes it even easier to transport and set up since all components are contained within the 4 ft (1.2 m) device.
  • Built-in cellular connectivity for automatic uploading of study data, as well as remote monitoring of the equipment in the field.  
  • A full HD camera, with a Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) 124° lens, enables traffic data collection in a wider field of view, improving data results and insights for each study area.
  • Expandable battery power with up to 12 days runtime (four batteries). Replace batteries in the field without interrupting the study or shutting down the device, maximizing the length of studies.
  • Instant on-device ATR studies with speed reports available at a new hourly rate. 


Scout Explore will be available starting in Q1 2023. To find out how to add Scout Explore to your fleet, request a quote today.

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