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Improve traffic flow, increase safety, and optimize transportation for your city and its people with Mioivision’s industry-leading tools. 

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Addressing Mobility and Safety Concerns in Tampa Bay

The highest

pedestrian fatality rate in the U.S.

12th worst

city for traffic in the country

76 hours

spent stuck in traffic per year

It’s clear Tampa Bay has a traffic safety issue. But improving your city's safety with intelligent transportation systems requires data, which can be time-consuming to collect.

Miovision is here to help. Through advanced data collection and cutting-edge analysis, we empower traffic teams to make informed decisions and optimize traffic flow, creating a safer and more efficient urban environment.

How Miovision Can Help

At Miovision, we’re very familiar with the complexities of Tampa Bay’s traffic network challenges—and we’re committed to helping traffic teams get more out of their studies and provide actionable insight.   Combining cutting-edge hardware, advanced software, straightforward training, and helpful customer support, our solutions create smarter, more sustainable transportation systems.

All Your Data in One Place

Collect, analyze, and interpret your data in the Miovision Data-Link portal. 

Real-time Data Analysis

Stay on top of evolving trends and developments by using our cutting-edge hardware. 

Predictive Modeling

Watch as your data predicts the future—our intuitive models inform proactive solutions.

95% Data Accuracy Guarantee

Our hardware is designed to give you data that you can trust and believe in. 

1,300 cities rely on Miovision. Tampa Bay, you’re next on our list!

Through our collaboration with local authorities and communities, we have adapted our solutions to perfectly align with the needs of each city.

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  • City of Detroit
  • City of Chicago
  • City of Jersey
  • Milton
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Escambia County Florida
  • Quincy
  • San Rafael City

Miovision’s Transformative Traffic Solutions

How much longer are you willing to wait before making a difference? Our innovative products have demonstrated their worth in cities around the world, and can offer Tampa Bay the keys to revolutionize its traffic management and safety.

Miovision Scout Plus

Comprehensive safety studies to identify traffic risks before collisions happen.

Intersection Monitoring

Quickly detect and fix malfunctions with remote signal management.


Proactively address traffic signal issues within your transportation network.


Intelligent traffic signal control for complex urban grids and corridors.
  • Learn How Miovision Transformed Road Safety in Detroit

    Powered by Miovision One, this groundbreaking technology shows us how an investment originally made to solve traffic problems has the potential to become the foundation for smart city solutions—all made possible using the Miovision platform.

We cannot make decisions without the right data, so we’ve invested in making sure we build infrastructure in a very data-driven, clever way. Our Miovision system spreads out as a network within the city of Detroit, telling us count classification and some very important safety information.

Tony Geara
Deputy Chief of Mobility
Detroit, Michigan


improvement in time to resolve traffic signal issues


reduction in travel times at major intersections using optimized signal timing


improvement in emergency response time with pre-emptive signaling


reduction in maintenance costs using connected traffic signals

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Detroit's Blueprint for Success: Implementing Solutions in
Tampa Bay

Our work in Detroit is a benchmark for what’s possible when a city is empowered with the right tools and data. When implemented properly, everyone benefits—whether you’re traveling by car, bus, or on foot.

With a deep understanding of Tampa Bay's specific challenges, we want to work with local authorities and communities to create a smarter, safer, and more connected urban landscape.

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