Webinar: Introducing Miovison TrafficLink Detection

The industry has been promised silver bullets in the past. Systems that would be cheaper, more reliable, and unlock brand new analysis at the intersection. But let’s face it, the technology to achieve it just didn’t exist – until now. Check out the webinar recording to learn about our brand new solution, TrafficLink Detection.

Miovision TrafficLink uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms that fundamentally change the way traffic detection works. It's powered by our new piece of hardware, Miovision SmartSense, which provides real-time processing right at the roadside. SmartSense also enables continuous counts for traffic studies, event detection, safety metrics, pedestrian analysis, and more.

In this launch event we'll cover:

  • How Miovision TrafficLink enables multimodal detection at the intersection
  • What our Traffic AI is, and how we use deep neural networks to solve typical detection problems
  • What Signal Performance Measures require detection and how they improve operations and enhance capacity
  • How real-time detection and DSRC can help keep your roads safe for pedestrians and cyclists
  • What TE studies TrafficLink generates to support engineering, planning, and design teams
  • What funding programs exist to solve these common traffic problems

About the speaker


Matthew Trushinski
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Matthew Trushinski is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Miovision. He works alongside product experts to provide innovative solutions that build smarter cities. He’s passionate about traffic data, artificial intelligence, and how technology impacts cities and their citizens.