Miovision TrafficLink Detection

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DataLink Essentials Overview

Introducing Miovision TrafficLink Detection

You’ve been promised silver bullets in the past. Systems that would be cheaper, more reliable, and unlock brand-new analysis at the intersection. But the technology to achieve it just didn’t exist – until now.


Reliable in all conditions

Powered by our industry-leading Traffic AI, our detection actually “sees” the intersection. If you can see a car in fog and rain, it can too. And, if there are any problems with detection, you can quickly diagnose them using video recall and alerts.


Easy to install and operate

We’ve built a brand new way to create detection zones, set their capabilities, and define their operation. TrafficLink understands the actual geometry of your intersection, helping you build the perfect detection deployment every time.

Single Camera

Single camera

One Miovision SmartView 360 camera is all you need to get a complete view of your intersection. Our fisheye camera records in 4k resolution to provide full multimodal detection for all approaches.


Solve multiple problems with one solution

TrafficLink generates Signal Performance Measures that help you reduce congestion, make streets safer, and offer continuous counts for your engineering and planning departments.

Detect everything

True multimodal detection

Miovision TrafficLink makes detection easy. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning, fundamentally changing the way traffic detection works.

  • Detect vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, with a single camera – all at once
  • Create fully actuated control plans in seconds

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Improve signal operations

Signal performance

In many cities, the biggest performance gains will come from using signal actuation and leveraging ATSPMs. TrafficLink provides both in a single package.

  • Reduce traffic congestion that results from poor and outdated signal timing
  • Solve performance issues faster
  • Get the insights you need, without requiring a PhD to understand them

Learn more about Traffic Insights

Reduce traffic crashes

Safety measures

Reduce the number – and severity – of traffic crashes and increase driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. Use pedestrian detection technology to build your complete streets strategy.

  • Broadcast real-time V2I safety alerts to connected vehicles
  • Incorporate pedestrians and cyclists into signal control strategies
  • Receive real-time alerts, including incident detection, pedestrian-in-crosswalk, and red-light runners

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Continuous Counts

TrafficLink provides always-on turning movement counts, lane-by-lane volumes, as well as ped and bike studies. Plus, it includes classifications for Pedestrians, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, Single-Unit Trucks, Buses, and Articulated Trucks.

  • Traffic data you can trust
  • Historical access to always-on data
  • Immediate turnaround time

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A fresh perspective on traffic detection

The industry has been promised silver bullets in the past. Systems that would be cheaper, more reliable, and unlock brand new analysis at the intersection. But let’s face it, the technology to achieve it just didn’t exist – until now.

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