Miovision at APTA’s TRANSform Conference & EXPO 2023

By: Miovision Team | Oct 19, 2023
Miovision At Apta’s Transform Conference - Miovision

Miovision equips cities with the technology they need to solve their transit problems. We use multimodal data to help them get more out of their road networks, making their systems safer and more efficient for all travelers. 

APTA’s TRANSform Conference and EXPO 2023, which recently concluded, served as our first opportunity to introduce the next evolution of our brand: Miovision Opticom™.  It marked our first public appearance following the acquisition which, now, has enabled us to include Opticom’s cutting-edge Transit Signal Priority (TSP) in our offerings. 

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Apta’s Transform Conference & Expo - Miovision

About the Conference

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) held their TRANSform Conference and EXPO in Orlando, Florida from October 9-11, 2023.

More than 30k public transportation professionals—which includes transportation planners, transit agencies, municipal government officials, etc.—attended the can’t-miss event, which runs once every three years. 

The APTA’s 2023 conference was once again one of the premier networking and ideas-sharing opportunities in the transportation industry circuit. Professionals from over 80 countries came together to advance mobility systems through the newest technology, products, and services. 

Areas of focus included improving driver and rider experiences, exploring how to incorporate groundbreaking technology—such as Opticom TSP—into road networks to improve safety, streamline road networks, and more! 

Miovision’s Conference Commitment: Advancing Transit Solutions

It is rare you get tens of thousands of the most forward-thinking minds in public transportation all in one place. However, that’s the beauty of the APTA EXPO and why the Miovision team couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend. 

Our company is in a stage of growth, with the acquisition of Global Traffic Technologies (Opticom) in April standing as one of the most noteworthy enhancements to our industry-redefining offerings. 

Conference Commitment: Advancing Transit Solutions - Miovision

An Opportunity to Introduce Miovision Opticom™ Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

APTA EXPO 2023 marked the first time the industry has seen the Miovision and Opticom brands together. We recognized the value of making an outstanding first impression—Miovision Opticom™ TSP helped us do exactly that. 

TSP is the premier solution for transit networks being bogged down by delays, long commutes, and rising fuel-related expenses. For over 60 years, Opticom TSP has been reducing wait times at intersections and ensuring timely arrivals for transit users. 

Signal prioritization for transit services keeps vehicles moving on schedule, whether it’s by giving them a green or red to keep them arriving right on schedule. This incentivizes people in urban communities to choose public transit over solo transportation. 

Advanced Schedule Management (ASM) is also part of this offering. This uses multimodal data to better plan routes for transit services, ensuring they are moving as efficiently as possible in their travels to cut down on fuel consumption and ensure timely drop-offs. 

Revolutionizing Transit: Anticipating the Impact of TSP on Cities

We couldn’t be more excited to offer TSP to traffic professionals. 

This incredible technology is guaranteed to make their lives easier by helping them get meaningful results for both drivers and riders. The data speaks for itself; our in-field results have proven Miovision Opticom™ TSP will: 

  • Reduce traffic bottlenecks by 20%
  • Mitigate delays up to 40% while ensuring signal adherence
  • Reduce emissions by 19% by limiting idle times

These are just some of the many benefits we discussed at the conference and expo! 

Lessons from the Expo: Key Takeaways and Learnings

Shannon Bailey, our Senior Director of Sales, was also honored on stage as part of the APTA Leadership Class of 2023 for her hard work and dedication to improving the transportation of cities. She also had the opportunity to present her capstone presentation: Transit Impacts on Gentrification – Where Do the People Go? to the Policy and Planning Committee. 

Lessons From The Expo - Miovision

We had some great conversations throughout our time at APTA Expo. Met with industry professionals to discuss what Opticom Transit Signal Priority can offer to their transportation systems. 

We also encountered transformative industry advancements by other companies at the conference, including:

  • Sustainable drive systems 
  • Zero-emission transportation technology 
  • Electric buses, trucks, utility vehicles 
  • Electric charging stations
  • Smart traffic solutions
  • Elevated security solutions 

The Road Ahead: Closing Remarks on Miovision’s APTA EXPO Experience

Miovision Opticom™ TSP has the potential to revolutionize public transit—the next step is equipping your road networks with this game-changing technology. 

If you were unable to attend APTA’s TRANSform Conference and EXPO 2023, we encourage you to learn more about TSP and its data-driven benefits.

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