Miovision Launches New Advance Detection Solution – Miovision SmartView™ Approach

By: Miovision Team | May 25, 2022
Advance Detection Solution - Miovision

Cities the world over are working diligently to reduce traffic congestion and emissions all while improving budget efficiency. To achieve these goals, cities need traffic detection technology at the intersection that is reliable, accurate, and cost effective. 

Unfortunately, many cities are still struggling with traffic problems they don’t have to struggle with, such as; traditional detection solutions, built on outdated technology and limited to vehicles, in-ground detection methods that are challenging to install, and detection that produces incomplete data.

That’s why traffic experts at Miovision have been working hard to make detection easy. 

Miovision Detection solutions use the industry’s best computer vision algorithms to let traffic engineers control, install, setup, and manage their city’s traffic infrastructure to improve traffic flow, safety and costs. Built to withstand challenging environments and low visibility, Miovision Detection grants cities complete, accurate and remote data access for quick and efficient response times to traffic situations, ensuring issues won’t escalate.  Check out our Introduction to Video Detection to learn more about Miovision Detection, and see how real examples of video detection can improve your traffic network.  

SmartView™ Approach – Advance Detection

Miovision is pleased to launch the Miovision SmartView™ Approach camera – to enable advance detection. The newest feature for Miovision Detection, advance detection incorporates approaching vehicle data into your control schemes.

SmartView™ Approach is a full HD camera and software solution that adds advance detection capability to the Miovision Detection solution. Advance detection allows cities to configure multiple detection zones from up to 500 feet, and build responsive control schemes and measure free-flow traffic to understand how effective traffic demand is being addressed.  

Using anticipated demand, SmartView™ Approach uses computer vision to not only detect vehicles at the intersection, but can also detect what is happening as they approach your intersection.  

Miovision Detection solutions provide a complete picture of a city’s traffic network. Our solutions include vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle counts, occupancy ratios, arrivals on red/green, and now, advanced detection. 

Take a deeper dive into this versatile platform that can help cities safely and efficiently move traffic through their networks.

Connect with a Miovision traffic expert and see how you can also expand your Detection solution with the Miovision SmartView™ Approach camera and advance detection.