Building a Smarter City with AWS

By: Matt Fisher, VP, Business Operations and Technology | Sep 27, 2022
AWS Smart City Competency

Miovision is proud to be one of a select group of Launch Partners for the AWS Smart City Competency.

Miovision has a long relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS); we work with AWS as it helps us provide our customers with the ability to access data and insights from wherever they are working. Rather than trying to build a global network ourselves, we can take advantage of the unparalleled levels of reliability and security AWS provides, enabling us to tap into the same service that powers Amazon, Netflix and Twitter.

As our Chief Architect Dave Hillis outlined in our AWS Case Study, “Using AWS, Miovision can focus on engineering smarter solutions rather than managing IT services.”

AWS has a number of Competencies that identify best-in-class AWS partners in key areas like Financial Services, Healthcare and Supply Chain. The addition of a Smart City Competency reflects the growth and importance of this sector.

Qualifying for any AWS Competency is challenging; according to AWS:

“The AWS Smart City Competency … differentiate[s] highly specialized AWS Partners with a demonstrated deep technical expertise and proven track record of customer success within the Smart City use cases. Through the AWS Smart City Competency, customers [are] … able to quickly and confidently identify AWS Partners to help them address smart city-focused challenges.”

I’m proud that Miovision is one of a small group of companies that met AWS’s criteria for its new Smart City Competency.

Many Miovision customers aren’t just innovating within their traffic networks – they’re forward-looking cities who likely have broader smart city strategies. Choosing AWS and AWS Partners within the Smart City Competency means an organization is working with proven, quality partners.

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