Miovision Core: powering solutions to build safer and greener intersections

By: Steve Strout, President | Dec 08, 2021
Miovision core

Today, we launched Miovision Core® – a powerful new hardware platform for intersections  capable of supporting the next generation of software-based solutions. It offers twice the processing power as Miovision SmartLink™ and provides new capabilities to run more sophisticated software solutions at the intersection. Adding Miovision Core DCM – a small plug-in module – increases compute capability by over 50%, allowing it to support complex computer vision applications such as video detection and multimodal traffic counts.

Miovision Core will ultimately supersede Miovision SmartLink™ and Miovision SmartSense™, providing the capability of supporting a range of solutions today and well into the future – from Miovision and its partners. A great example is Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) who is using this new hardware platform to provide key functionality for Opticom, its software-based, centralized priority control solution. We aim to partner with industry leaders like GTT so to keep expanding what’s possible at the intersection. 

Cities and towns have been – and are continuing to –  adopt policies to encourage active transportation; modes like walking and cycling that are an important part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion. As part of those efforts, they need to keep every user of roads safe. We have built Miovision Core to provide the capability needed to support the next generation of solutions aimed at making every intersection safer and greener.

If you’re an existing Miovision customer, you might wonder – what does that mean for the SmartLink and SmartSense units I already have installed? The good news is that we will continue to support SmartLink and SmartSense. The features you enjoy today – connectivity, detection, ASTPMs – will continue to be refined and improved. 

If you choose to upgrade – or are new to Miovision – you’ll love the ease of installation and the growing array of solutions we’ll be able to offer thanks to Miovision Core.

Learn more about Miovision Core.