Certifying our information security practices

By: Steve Strout, President | Dec 19, 2022
Certifying Our Information Security Practices - Miovision

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Miovision’s software development and business operations are now ISO/IEC 27001 certified – the global standard for information security management within an organization. 

Miovision prides itself as being on the vanguard of the shift in traffic infrastructure from a hardware-centric paradigm, where mostly single purpose hardware operates unconnected in a traffic cabinet, to a software-centric paradigm, where software services are delivered via a network of powerful, connected, flexible hardware. 

This requires a comprehensive approach to security and we take that responsibility seriously. Certification under ISO/IEC 27001 is just the most recent part of our ongoing efforts. 

To be certified, Miovision had to meet 113 requirements across fourteen security domains. We were audited by a third party and had to demonstrate that – when it comes to information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection of sensitive data within an organization – Miovision has identified key security threats; identified and implemented mitigation measures; and, developed a process to monitor and address new threats as they emerge. 

We’re continually searching for ways to improve the security of Miovision’s business, products and services. Our engineering teams have adopted a “secure and resilient by design” approach to the development of our solutions, meaning security is baked into the software we produce. We choose to work with top tier partners – like AWS – that lead the industry in their security practices

The addition of ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates that we have adopted best practices in our own operations, including how we handle and secure any sensitive customer and employee data within Miovision’s business systems. 

In the spirit of ongoing transparency, in Q1 of 2023 we’ll be launching a new section of the Miovision website that outlines all we are doing to keep our operations – and your systems and data – secure.

As your municipal infrastructure becomes more connected, you should be asking yourself – what are the security practices of your partners and vendors? Have their efforts been certified under global standards like ISO/IEC 27001? Ultimately, your partner’s security practices impact the security of your networks too.