Driving Excellence: Miovision’s Ongoing Innovation for Superior Solutions

By: Ben Newell | Nov 16, 2023
Miovision's Ongoing Innovation for Superior Solutions - Miovision

Over the past few months, our team has worked tirelessly to develop new products and key features, launching the much-anticipated Miovision Scout® Plus, an innovative blend of familiarity and advanced functionality that signifies the evolution of our product line. These efforts aim to redefine our approach to traffic data collection and enhance your experience with our solutions.

Join me in exploring the details of these developments, where our commitment to delivering world-class products and solutions takes center stage. This is more than an update; it’s an insight into our ongoing journey of innovation and a testament to Miovision’s dedication to shaping a smarter, more secure urban future.

Miovision Scout® Plus: Latest features, familiar form factor

The new Miovision Scout® Plus is here to revolutionize traffic data collection.

Our latest portable video-based traffic data collection solution, Miovision Scout® Plus, brings all the upgrades from our latest-generation portable data platform in a familiar Scout form factor that you already know and love.

Scout Plus is based on feedback from customers who love features like instant processing, connectivity, and long battery life. We have prioritized a familiar form factor that is easy to deploy. Video: How-to setup Miovision Scout Plus

One Device, Multiple Capabilities, Unmatched Accuracy

Improving Road Safety

Many cities, towns, and agencies are working to make roads safer, especially for vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as pedestrians, cyclists, and others not protected by being in a vehicle. 

A Miovision Scout® Plus unit placed at the roadside can capture data on traffic speed and directly upload results using its cellular connection. This allows traffic planners to review results remotely.

With Miovision Scout® Plus, data collectors and traffic engineers can conduct safety studies, helping cities make roads safer. Miovision offers a comprehensive Safety Studies solution that identifies near-misses and uses a number of factors to predict the likelihood of an injury or fatality-causing crash. Miovision Safety Studies are conducted through an upload-for-processing mechanism and enable traffic engineers to identify – and mitigate – risks before collisions happen. Why is this important? The traditional approach to road safety has been reactive, relying on historical and unreliable crash data. By measuring speeds, temporal separation, conflict angles and taking into account the vulnerability of the user, Miovision Safety Studies can predict the future number of crashes with injuries or fatalities with 94% accuracy. Based on this information, road safety engineers can recommend safety plans for intersections, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in risk. 

Learn more: https://miovision.com/ScoutPlus

Speed Studies on Miovision Scout® Plus and Scout Explore

At Miovision, we’ve delved deep into the science of speed studies, testing various methods to uncover the most accurate and reliable approach. Our exploration of various speed measurement methods revealed the strengths and weaknesses of industry-standard approaches. Our findings revealed challenges that can lead to inaccuracies in speed measurements, guiding us toward discovering the most accurate and reliable approach.

Drawing on insights from industry-standard approaches, we developed a highly reliable solution for accurately measuring vehicle speed. Our Speed feature is an industry-standard report with an accuracy rate of +/- 10% at the 85th percentile speed. It can be further categorized by vehicle classification for up to 4 lanes of traffic, even in high-volume and high-speed highway situations. Video: How-to setup Speed Studies

Collecting mobility data can be complex and costly, requiring multiple devices to capture vehicle counts and classes, and another device to capture vehicle speed. Whether your goal is to analyze vehicle flow or enhance road safety, you can collect everything you need – safety studies, volume counts, TMCs, pedestrian/bicycle pathway, and speed data – with a single device.

Speed by vehicle and by class is now available as part of an ATR/mid-block onboard study on Miovision Scout® Plus and Scout Explore. 

Learn more about how Miovision® Scout Plus and Scout Explore can execute ATR studies that measure speed here.

For questions, assistance, or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our latest features, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. And remember to revisit our site for ongoing updates as we strive for continuous improvement.