Miovision at IACP’s Annual Conference & Expo 2023

By: Miovision Team | Oct 19, 2023
Miovision At IACP’s Annual Conference & Expo - Miovision

Miovision helps cities solve their transportation concerns. We equip cities with the technology and multimodal data they need to make their road networks safer for everyone—especially their dedicated law enforcement officers. 

We recently attended IACP 2023 to gain insight into the latest industry trends and showcase our game-changing Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) product. We wanted officers to know how our technology can help them do their jobs more safely. 

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About the Conference

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) continues to lead the way forward for law enforcement officers all around the world. 

Their association—which has over 33,000 members from over 170 countries—is committed to advancing the safety of communities worldwide through progressive leadership. 

The IACP 2023 conference ran from October 14-17th in San Diego, California. IACP members in attendance were primarily police chiefs, captains, and lieutenants, but also emergency vehicle fleet managers and technical support officers. 

Miovision’s Conference Commitment: Empowering First Responders

IACP’s mission is to advance “the policing profession through advocacy, research, outreach, and education.” We’re aligned with these values at Miovision and work to support officers through technology that improves community safety. 

As such, IACP 2023 granted us an opportunity to interact with key stakeholders and unveil the latest update to our product line: Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP). We’re incredibly excited to now provide this service offering to first responders, which has been trusted by police officers for decades.

Unveiling Miovision’s Vision: Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

Miovision recognizes and respects the influence IACP has on policing worldwide. Presenting our solution to thousands of the most courageous and forward-thinking leaders in policing was a privilege we did not take for granted.

Miovision Opticom™ EVP is the key to reducing response times, and, by extension, improving public safety in communities around the world. It gives officers the green light when they need it because every second counts in an emergency.

Furthermore, it helps reduce crashes at chaotic intersections by limiting the need for officers to speed through red lights. Crashes while en route to an emergency—regardless of who is at fault—can jeopardize lives and lead to expensive settlements. 

By ensuring traffic lights favor emergency vehicles, Miovision Opticom™ EVP is granting law enforcement officers much safer passage. It’s also giving them peace of mind so they can respond quickly to emergencies without putting themselves or civilians at risk. 

The Impact of EVP on Emergency Response Teams

Sharing EVP at IACP 2023 was an honor, and we couldn’t be more excited about how it will benefit law enforcement officers. 

EVP is the premier and most direct solution to several industry needs. The data behind our technology has rightfully positioned Miovision as the leader in this field, as our EVP systems will do the following in municipalities:

  • Reduce signal-related delays by 25%
  • Reduce risk of collisions involving emergency vehicles by 70%

Furthermore, Miovision Opticom™ EVP integrates with existing traffic hardware and emergency vehicles for rapid deployment. 

We discussed all of this more at the IACP 2023 conference!

Miovision’s Experience: Personal Insights and Reflections

The IACP exhibit hall was full of activity as law enforcement professionals and industry leaders explored the transformative capabilities of our solutions. We had engaging conversations and discussions with police officials who use our solutions. It was rewarding to hear the positive feedback from the first responders who rely on Opticom EVP to get to accidents safely. This highlighted our strength in shaping the future of public safety.

As part of our engagement at the show, our VP of Marketing, Mike Duench, hosted industry experts from Ingram Micro and Whelen Engineering for our podcast series, “The Intersection”. These conversations delved into the intersection of technology, public safety, and innovation, providing our audience with valuable insights into our collaboration to improve law enforcement. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when these episodes become available!

Some new advancements we saw at the show:

  • Simulation training for officers
  • New fleet vehicles
  • Smart airspace security
  • Secure record management
  • Protective uniform apparel
  • Innovative call dispatch systems
  • Evidence management software

Building Bridges and Fostering Connections

Showcasing EVP at IACP 2023 was just the beginning. 

We were also there to listen and have meaningful conversations with law enforcement officers whose knowledge of their communities is second to none. We attended to speak with them and learn what needs we can continue to help address with our offerings.

At Miovision, we’re committed to building relationships within the law enforcement community because we believe in the work its members do. We’re eternally grateful for their service and are equally as passionate about keeping communities safe.

We learned a lot at IACP 2023 and are eager to start turning this newfound knowledge into actionable solutions. The future is bright!

The Road Ahead: Closing Remarks on Miovision’s IACP Conference Experience

Miovision Opticom™ EVP is making it safer to be a law enforcement officer—all that’s left is for communities to integrate it into their networks. 

EVP’s potential excites us. Our commitment to enhancing public safety motivates us. If you were unable to attend IACP 2023, we encourage you to connect with the Miovision team to learn more about our law-enforcement-focused traffic solutions. 

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