Wrapping Up a Transformative Week at ITS America Annual Conference in Phoenix

By: Miovision Team | May 13, 2024

This year’s ITS America Conference & Expo in Phoenix was nothing short of exhilarating. From experiencing the unique charm of the local cacti to diving deep into the latest innovations in transportation technology, our time here was packed with inspiration, collaboration, and forward thinking.

With our eyes set on revolutionizing global traffic solutions, Miovision made its mark at ITS America 2024, helping to drive change that will accelerate the mobility sector’s digital transformation.

About ITS America Conference & Expo

ITS America Conference and Expo is an annual event that brings together the intelligent transportation community, including decision-makers and their supporting teams from both public and private sector transportation agencies. 

This conference has grown to be the nation’s leading intelligent transportation systems event, bringing together nearly 3,000 ITS professionals from 22 countries, regions, and territories, 48 states, and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 

With 100+ conference sessions, 170+ exhibitors and sponsors, and live demonstrations exploring autonomous vehicles and more, ITS America features groundbreaking innovations and solutions that will enable a safer, smarter, and greener transportation system.

ITS America: Key Achievements and Engagements

Throughout the conference, our team was actively involved in various capacities:

Driving Innovation

One of the significant highlights of Miovision’s presence at ITS America 2024 was the opportunity to introduce our recent acquisition of Traffic Technology Services (TTS)

We proudly showcased our Audi x Miovision TTS collaboration, successfully demonstrating it in over 30 drives around Phoenix, reflecting our commitment to cutting-edge transportation solutions.

As a pioneering company at the forefront of connected vehicle technology, TTS specializes in collecting and delivering real-time data on vehicle location and speed. By integrating TTS into our portfolio, Miovision is poised to provide cities and transportation agencies with a powerful tool for creating safer, more efficient, and more sustainable transportation ecosystems.


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Expanding Our Network

Along with 30+ other companies in our industry, Miovision proudly pledged our commitment to open standards. 

Ultimately, the adoption of open standards supports the broader objective of reducing carbon emissions, minimizing energy consumption, and providing accessible, reliable transportation options to a wide range of users, aligning directly with global sustainability goals.

Joined together under #UnityForMobility, we’re united in our vision for making a tangible difference and achieving the goal of sustainable and efficient transportation.


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Voices of the Industry

While attending ITS America Conference & Expo 2024, we recorded several insightful episodes of our podcast, The Intersection. We conducted interviews with a diverse group of industry leaders, capturing a wide range of perspectives and ideas that are shaping the future of transportation.

Mainstage Contributions

Our team took the stage at ITSA 2024, contributing to the official program through five engaging sessions.

Miovision’s CEO, Kurtis McBride, joined other industry leaders in the keynote panel discussion, “Plenary: Rethinking Infrastructure in the New Digital Era”. Focusing on navigating the future of the US transportation system, they discussed the challenges posed by the lag in national policy, the decisions leaders in public and private sectors are making to invest in digital transformation, and strategies for educating and engaging communities about these digital investments and their impacts on safety, sustainability, equity, and efficiency.

Additional session topics included digital infrastructure and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology, helping to further explore ITS America Conference & Expo 2024’s theme of Accelerating Digital Transformation.

Lyne Jacques, Chief Revenue Officer at Miovision, and Thomas Bauer, CEO and founder of Traffic Technology Services, presented “C-V2X and Digital Infrastructure: City of Montreal Case Study”. Joining forces with other leaders in the industry, the panel explored the key components, benefits, and challenges of implementing C-V2X in Montreal and its positive impact on road safety and traffic management.

Lyne Jacques and Thomas Bauer ready to present at ITS America Conference & Expo
Image Source: @team_miovision

Building Connections

Aside from thought-provoking education sessions, ITS America Conference & Expo was also a bustling hub of networking, with hundreds of new and rekindled connections. Our Customer and Partner reception was a particular highlight, hosting over 150 attendees in an evening of meaningful engagement.

By connecting with industry leaders and decision-makers, we sought to foster collaboration, share our expertise, and gain insights, all aimed at developing robust digital infrastructure to enhance mobility, safety, and sustainability in communities worldwide.

2024 Conference Highlights

Day One: Foundations and Future Visions

The conference kicked off with sessions that set a strong thematic foundation:

  • Future Transportation Visions and Historical Insights: We delved into how past infrastructure developments are informing a sustainable, efficient future.
  • Enhanced Road Safety through Technology: Discussions centered around leveraging AI and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technologies to enhance safety and reduce crash rates.
  • Sustainability in Transportation: Innovations like digital twins and Vehicle-to-Grid technologies were explored for their potential in building a resilient ecosystem.
  • Inclusivity and Equity in Transportation: We examined the necessity of creating inclusive and equitable transportation systems, with a focus on accessibility for marginalized communities.
  • Leveraging AI and Data Analytics: The transformative potential of AI in managing infrastructure and improving traffic safety was a key focus.

Day Two: Advanced Technologies and Equity

The second day featured discussions on advanced technologies and operational strategies:

  • City DOT Roundtable and Digital Twins: Practical applications of digital twins in city planning and public safety were explored, underscoring their role in advancing digital infrastructure.
  • Autonomous Shuttles – Transforming Mobility for All: The potential of autonomous shuttles to enhance public transportation and economic development was a vibrant topic.
  • Gender Equity Roundtable: The day also focused on advancing gender equity, discussing strategies to create more inclusive industry practices.

Day Three: Safety, Equity, and Innovation

The final day of the conference emphasized safety, equity, and continued innovation:

  • Gender Equity Workshop: Strategies to advance gender equity in the transportation sector were discussed vigorously.
  • Creating Safer Roads with AI and Deep Learning: The capabilities of AI and deep learning in enhancing road safety through better traffic management were highlighted.
  • Dynamic Wireless Charging and EV Adoption: Updates on dynamic wireless charging for electric vehicles showcased the innovation driving EV adoption forward.
The Miovision team at ITS American Conference & Expo 2024
Image Source: Team Miovision

The Road Ahead: Closing Remarks on Miovision’s ITS America Experience

As we reflect on our packed week at ITS America Conference & Expo, it’s clear that the future of transportation is being shaped by a blend of innovative technology and a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. The insights gained and the relationships forged here will undoubtedly propel us and the entire industry forward. Here’s to more groundbreaking advancements and collaborations! 

We look forward to seeing you again at ITS World Congress in Dubai, stand H7-C12-A.

If you would like to learn more about Miovision’s suite of traffic solutions, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team!