Miovision’s Commitment to Unrivaled Security, Reliability, and Stability

By: Ben Newell | Nov 16, 2023
Product Release Updates - Miovision

Miovision Release Updates

In our dynamic digital landscape, Miovision stands at the forefront of innovation, unveiling transformative updates that solidify our commitment to enhancing your experience. The introduction of the new security measures, integration of new applications, and an Enhanced Alerting System mark a significant leap in elevating the security, user control, functionality, and overall reliability of the Miovision One platform.

Security: Empowering Your Control

In response to the ever-evolving digital landscape, we’re excited to introduce two powerful features to enhance the security of Miovision One: the All-New Security App and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Let’s explore why these are crucial for traffic engineering teams and organizational administrators.

All-New Security App: Streamlining Control

We get it – navigating security settings can feel like you’re stuck in a maze. That’s why we’ve introduced the Security App on the Miovision One platform. It’s a one-stop shop for all your organizational, device, and user settings, consolidating them into a seamless interface (no more bouncing between pages!) This not only enhances performance but also fortifies your password security, simplifying your interaction and putting you in control.

Video: How to setup the new Security App

Performance Boost:
We’ve cranked up the speed! Experience significant performance improvements, especially when loading the User Management page. Your time is valuable, and we’re making sure you spend less of it waiting.

Enhanced Password Security:
Security matters, especially when it comes to your data. The Security App manages password security to our roadside configuration tool, ensuring your information is shielded from potential threats.

Certifications Tab:
Knowledge is power! Access Miovision certification documents effortlessly with the new Certifications tab. Stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A Game-Changing Security Layer

Security is more than a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Our MFA feature adds an extra layer of protection. Admins can activate it through the Miovision One Security App, requiring all users to input a one-time code generated by an authenticator app during login. This step significantly strengthens security, addressing the increasing risks of unauthorized access.

Organization-Level MFA Activation:
Organization Administrators can now activate Multi-Factor Authentication through the Security App, providing heightened control over identity and access across the organization. MFA is supported at the organization level, ensuring a seamless and consistent security experience for all users.

One-Time Code Requirement:
Once MFA is activated, all users within the organization will need to input a one-time code generated by an authenticator app during the login process. This added step significantly strengthens security.

Reliability: Collaborate with Confidence on Miovision One

Location Sharing

Traffic engineers and planners can use shared location data to analyze traffic patterns and plan interventions more effectively. By understanding how people move within a city, planners can design transportation systems that are more responsive to the needs of the community, reducing congestion and enhancing accessibility. Shared location data fosters collaboration between departments such as transportation, public works, and safety, ensuring the efficient delivery of various services to the community.

Seamless Location Sharing and Intersection Group Management Solution

We’re thrilled to unveil a powerful new feature, currently available in Beta, designed to foster collaboration and streamline location data accessibility – Location Sharing! This feature allows organizations to share locations effortlessly, establish and manage intersection groups, creating a collaborative environment with other traffic departments. The Location Selector makes it easy to differentiate between shared and native locations, enhancing clarity for a more intuitive experience.

To get started with Location Sharing and Intersection Group Management, an initial consultation set up by the Miovision Engineering team is required. Contact your account manager to learn more!

Shared Location Configuration:
Organizations can now share locations with each other, breaking down silos and facilitating a collaborative environment. Our teams will help you configure sharing relationships and define groups of intersections tailored to specific use cases.

Location Selector Enhancements:
The Location Selector now includes both Shared Locations and native locations, providing users with a comprehensive view of all available locations.
Users can easily identify shared locations, differentiating them from native locations for a more intuitive experience. To enhance clarity, an organizational tag will be added next to shared locations, ensuring quick distinction between shared and native locations.

Improved Alerting System to Enhance Operational Efficiencies

We have enhanced our alerting mechanisms with greater detail, helping traffic departments identify issues in the traffic network and allocate resources in the field accordingly, reducing operational costs and saving time.

Old Alert

New Alert

Implementing Status Updates for Devices

In our recent update for Miovision Core and SmartLink devices, we’re excited to bring notable changes that make our alert system more accurate. These updates address issues of false positives and false negatives, ensuring a more reliable alerting experience. With these improvements, we’re confident users will see a significant boost in the accuracy and responsiveness of our alert system.

Stability: Unifying Your Experience

Unified Login and User Management

Managing multiple passwords can be a hassle. We’ve simplified it for you. The Unified Login and User Management feature consolidates the login processes for Traffop and Miovision One under a single set of credentials. It’s not just about ease; it’s about bolstering security by eliminating the need for separate login credentials.

Miovision Opticom Integration

Miovision Opticom has industry leading signal priority and preemption solutions designed to meet your agency’s needs to provide safer and faster emergency response, reliable and efficient transit systems, and optimizing how vehicles move through your city.
Opticom is now directly accessible through Miovision One, streamlining interactions and ensuring seamless integration into your broader urban planning and transportation strategy.

Miovision Adaptive Integration

Miovision Adaptive creates its own optimized plan for each intersection based on real-time traffic that is on the road, while coordinating with neighboring intersections to dynamically create broader traffic patterns to meet demand — all on a second-by-second basis. Adaptive is now available for new users on Miovision One, marking the inaugural phase of its integration into our platform. This version eliminates the need for new customers to navigate the legacy RapidView interface, streamlining their experience and providing a glimpse into the future of a fully integrated Miovision One ecosystem. It’s important to note that existing users should continue using the legacy RapidView until the end of 23Q4. This step forward reinforces our commitment to providing a smooth, intuitive, and unified platform for both current and future users.

Navigating the Future with Confidence on the Miovision Platform

As we usher in these transformative updates, Miovision remains dedicated to shaping a platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With the introduction of the all-new Security App, Multi-Factor Authentication, integration of new applications, and an Enhanced Alerting System, we’re enhancing security, user control, functionality and overall reliability. Your trust and feedback drive our innovations, and we’re excited to continue this journey towards a smarter, more secure, and more responsive Miovision experience.

For questions, assistance, or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our latest features, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team.