Miovision Launches the Next Generation of Traffic Studies Solution with Onboard Video Processing

By: Miovision Team | Sep 19, 2022
Onboard Video Processing

Introducing the first portable data collection device that provides instant onboard video processing at the roadside.

For more than ten years, traffic engineering professionals have relied on Miovision Scout® to safely and efficiently collect highly accurate multimodal data and insights for their time-sensitive, project-based traffic studies. As we continue to innovate and meet the needs of our customers worldwide, now and into the future, Miovision is thrilled to have introduced our next generation traffic data collection solution, Miovision Scout Explore, at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles.

Scout Explore is the first portable video-based data collection device to offer AI capabilities that have only been available at the intersection or accessed in the Cloud. Onboard processing and automatic uploading of volume counts (ATRs), speed*, and pedestrian/bike** pathway data mean users can collect reliable mobility data quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. 

Scout Explore provides traffic engineers and data collectors with an all-in-one solution that is robust and easy to install safely at the roadside. The compact hardware design makes it easy to transport and stack units as needed. Everything for the deployment is contained within the device, reducing the risk of damage to individual components.

It can be dangerous and costly to collect traffic mobility data, requiring multiple devices to capture vehicle counts and class, and another device installed on the roadway to capture vehicle speed. Scout Explore does it all at a lower cost of ownership for customers, collecting all desired traffic data for TMCs, ATRs, roundabouts, pedestrian/bike pathways, travel time, and speed, with a single device.

Connect with a Miovision traffic expert to learn more about how Scout Explore can help traffic teams collect multimodal traffic data safely and efficiently.

*Vehicle speed will be available late 2023.  / ** Pedestrian and bike classification are currently available via video upload. Onboard
availability: Coming in 2024