Miovision Scout® Plus: Latest features, familiar form factor

By: Tony Brijpaul, Co-Founder and Product Manager | Aug 17, 2023
Miovision Scout® Plus - Miovision

Today, we announced our latest portable video-based traffic data collection solution – Miovision Scout® Plus, which brings all the upgrades from our latest-generation portable data platform in a familiar Scout form factor you already know and love. 

Scout Plus is based on feedback from customers, who told us they love features like instant processing, connectivity and long battery life, but prioritized a familiar form factor that is easy to deploy. 

It’s a powerful, flexible platform for collecting multimodal traffic data and generating a range of useful analytics.

  • It offers multimodal ATRs and Speed studies right on the device, with study results available online for remote review. 
  • It’s easy to transport and set up in less than 10 minutes at the roadside. 
  • It offers fifteen days of battery life and the batteries are hot-swappable, meaning study time is essentially unlimited. 
  • It features a full HD camera for capturing traffic data with a 124° Horizontal and 64.5° Vertical field of view. 

Improving Road Safety

A great example of how Scout Plus can help you achieve key policy goals is road safety. Many cities, towns and agencies are working to make roads safer, particularly for vulnerable road users (VRU) – pedestrians, cyclists and others not protected by being in a vehicle. According to the US National Highway Safety Administration, VRUs accounted for approximately 20% of traffic fatalities in 2021, an increase in 13% compared to the year before. 

Around the world, significant funding is supporting initiatives to make roads safer – and Scout Plus is an invaluable tool in those efforts. 

A Miovision Scout Plus unit placed at the roadside can capture data on traffic speed, directly uploading results using its cellular connection to allow traffic planners to review results remotely. Moderating traffic speeds has become a goal for many municipalities and agencies in their efforts to improve road safety as studies have shown that traffic speeds above 25 mph/40 kmh correlate with significant increases in injuries and fatalities among VRUs. 

Miovision Scout Plus can also help traffic engineers identify the highest safety risk areas – before collisions happen. It offers a comprehensive Safety Studies solution, which analyzes near-misses – times when road users come in close proximity. By measuring speeds, temporal separation, conflict angle and taking into account the vulnerability of the user, Miovision Safety Studies can predict the future number of fatal and injury crashes with 94% accuracy. Based on this information, road safety engineers can recommend safety plans for intersections that result in up to an 80% reduction in risk.

Miovision Scout Plus can also capture Automated Traffic Recorder (ATR) counts of traffic volumes – one of the most common types of traffic study – right on the device. Data can be uploaded via a built-in cellular connection for traffic planners to review remotely. ATRs are commonly conducted using pneumatic road tubes, which need to be installed across active traffic lanes, putting workers at risk. In contrast, Miovision Scout Plus can be set up at the roadside – away from traffic – in as little as 10 minutes, improving the safety of workers. 

That’s just one example; whether it’s road safety; pathway counts of bicycles, e-scooters, and pedestrians; intersection and TMCs, roundabout counts, ATRs; and speed studies, Scout Plus can meet all your traffic data and analytics needs. It’s ready for order for use during traffic studies this fall – learn more.