Miovision & Stansell Team Up: Nashville Collaborative Training Event Recap

By: Miovision Team | Feb 22, 2024
Smart City Challenge - Miovision

We’re excited to bring you the highlights from our recent get-together in Nashville, TN, with our partners at Stansell Electric and Transportation Control Systems (TCS).

This event was all about rallying the Nashville community and its neighbors to tackle how we can make our roads safer, less congested, and overall just better for everyone.

In this short blog post, we’ll be diving into some of the key discussions and highlights from the day. Also, check out the video below for a quick recap!

Exploring the I-24 Smart Corridor

A big shoutout to Stansell Electric for guiding us through and shedding light on our collaboration within Tennessee DOT’s ambitious I24 smart corridor project.

This project, comprising several phases, showcases the integration of cutting-edge technology to enhance transportation planning and infrastructure, and is aimed at making travel more predictable via smart technology (an integrated corridor management system).

Miovision’s innovative solutions played a pivotal role in replacing traditional one-dimensional systems and significantly improving efficiency and reliability on the corridor.

The project employs Miovision solutions for intersection monitoring, traffic counts, communications management, and traffic detection along the parallel arterial and connecting roads spanning 26 miles of Interstate 24.

It’s exciting to see the tech having a real-world impact, helping folks get moving and get home more safely and efficiently.

Miovision’s Game-Changing Solutions

Miovision showcased innovative technology during the training event.

Our solutions are designed with a focus on cutting down travel times, curbing carbon emissions, and ramping up road safety.

Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • Miovision One: Our flagship cloud-based traffic management solution brings together all your traffic data so you can make decisions that minimize congestion and maximize safety. (Think of it like having a bird’s eye view of your city’s traffic flow in real-time.)
  • Miovision Opticom: This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of signal priority and preemption. From making way for emergency vehicles to ensuring public transit can move smoothly through busy intersections, Opticom is your go-to for smart signal solutions that save time and lives.

It was great to have everyone sharing ideas and solutions together – there’s something really special about collaborating that gets us excited about what we’re doing here.

Podcast Spotlight: Chatting with Matt Smith

And we can’t forget the podcast we recorded with Matt Smith, VP of Stansell Electric.

He shared some great insights and we got to cover a lot of important topics:

  • Innovations in the I-24 Smart Corridor: We unpacked how smart tech like adaptive traffic signals and real-time data analytics are making the I-24 corridor safer and more efficient. (And how Miovision’s tech has been key in upgrading old systems and boosting reliability.)
  • Community Impact: Stansell Electric team have a deep commitment to the community and are doing some great work. Their rapid response to the Middle Tennessee tornado made a huge difference.
  • Partnership and Innovation: We dove into the collaboration between Stansell Electric, Miovision, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and academic institutions like Vanderbilt University. It’s all about joining forces for better transportation.
  • Miovision’s Tech Evolution: We explored Miovision’s journey from traditional systems to cloud-based, smart innovations (highlighting the lightning-fast pace of the transport sector and our willingness to meet community needs head-on).
  • Career Opportunities and the Future of Traffic Management: We also talked about the potential of emerging technologies and the future of traffic systems – and importantly, how these innovations are paving the way for new career paths in engineering and transportation.

Want the full details?

You can easily get them now by clicking here to watch the full podcast episode on YouTube.

What’s Next?

This event was a milestone – and it’s just the start.

With more partnerships and innovations just around the corner, we’re buzzing about the future of transport.

If you have any thoughts you want to share about anything you read, want to dive deeper into our tech, or even book a demo to see how we can improve traffic in your own community…

All you need to do is reach out to us by clicking here now – we’re all ears!