Preparing Communities for Crisis Resilience with Miovision Scout

By: Miovision Team | Oct 04, 2022
Preparing Communities For Crisis Resilience - Miovision

Flood disasters make up almost 50% of natural disasters worldwide. Flooding results in billions of dollars in damage that may take communities years to rebuild. Many factors must be considered when managing the aftermath of extreme flood disasters. Resources and aid need to find a way for displaced people needing food and shelter, and bypass roads must be accessible for citizens to escape hazardous zones.

In November 2021, many highways in central British Columbia, Canada, washed out due to severe flooding. More than 60 miles (100 kilometers) of essential roadway in the province’s Lower Mainland and Southern Interior regions were damaged or closed to regular vehicular traffic. In addition to major highways, many higher volume roadways open to both local and commercial traffic had diverted to smaller, typically lower volume corridors.

McElhanney, a civil engineering firm based in western Canada, was tasked by BC MOTI with collecting traffic data. As a longtime user of Miovision solutions, McElhanney leveraged its data-collecting expertise and pool of trained field staff to deploy Miovision® Scout devices and begin collecting data.

Using Miovision Scout portable data collection solutions, McElhanney completed a difficult, multi-location data collection project within the flood-damage province over eight weeks. McElhanney’s use of the Scout fleet empowered them to make decisions quickly and efficiently in the aftermath of flooding. The firm was able to reduce vehicular accidents in vulnerable areas, especially truck accidents, expedite the Installation of traffic signal infrastructure, and ensure the health and safety of road workers by using solutions at the roadside.

Read the case study here to learn more about how McElhanney and BC MOTI utilized Miovision® Scout solutions to complete vital post-disaster data collection without compromising the safety of field teams or citizens.