Miovision’s Latest Innovations: Revolutionizing Traffic Management in 2023

By: Ben Newell, VP, Product Management | Sep 15, 2023
Revolutionizing Traffic Management In 2023 - Miovision

2023 has been a year of exciting developments at Miovision, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing traffic management solutions has driven us to refine our offerings, ensuring better performance and usability. Our dedicated team has been hard at work over the past months, bringing you a series of groundbreaking updates that promise to transform your approach to traffic management. Let’s dive into the details of these innovations.

Introducing Miovision One: A Digital Intersection Vision

At this year’s ITSA Dallas event, we proudly unveiled Miovision One, a revolutionary platform that lies at the heart of our transformative Digital Intersection vision. Miovision One is poised to reshape the way you approach traffic management and data analysis. It represents the culmination of our relentless dedication to innovation, reliability, and user experience.

Miovision One is a comprehensive traffic management platform designed to optimize urban mobility and improve traffic flow. It integrates advanced technology, including real-time traffic data collection, analytics, and signal control, to enable cities to make data-driven decisions and enhance the efficiency of their transportation networks. Miovision One empowers municipalities to better manage traffic, reduce congestion, and create safer and more sustainable urban environments

Discover the power of Miovision One for yourself. Request a demo now and unlock its full potential.

Enterprise Single Sign-On: Simplifying Access and Security

In our commitment to streamlining your experience with Miovision One, we’re excited to introduce Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO). This enhancement simplifies how your team accesses our platform while fortifying your organization’s security.

Enterprise Single Sign-On enables your team members to effortlessly log into Miovision One using their existing Enterprise Identity Provider credentials. Say goodbye to managing multiple passwords – with SSO, your team can use the same trusted credentials they use for their daily tasks. Plus, it ensures that your team adheres to your organization’s password policies, including complexity requirements and more.

Our Enterprise Single Sign-On feature seamlessly integrates with any Enterprise Identity Provider that supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). To enable SSO, our Miovision engineering team will guide you through the manual configuration process, ensuring a seamless integration tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

Enhanced Pedestrian Crosswalk Detection Zones: Prioritizing Safety

Crosswalk timing can pose a risk to pedestrian safety, particularly for slower walkers or late entrants who may still be in the crosswalk after lights change. To address this issue, we’ve introduced Enhanced Pedestrian Crosswalk Detection Zones.

What’s new with this feature?

Customized Detection Zones: You can establish dedicated detection zones exclusively for pedestrian extensions, guaranteeing precise tracking and timely signal adjustments.

Improved Visibility: Our state-of-the-art detection overlay video prominently showcases the extension zone, ensuring clear visibility of pedestrian safety status.

Effortless Configuration: Setting up the extension zone is intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing overall traffic management efficiency.

Guided Implementation: We’ve included helpful pop-up recommendations for users with single camera setups, maximizing the effectiveness of the feature.

Our technology ensures accurate pedestrian detection in both directions, even as the Detection Occupancy zones operate without visible entry and exit points. Step into a future where crosswalks prioritize pedestrian safety through dynamic extensions, and join us in transforming intersections into secure zones that prioritize pedestrian well-being.

On-Device Application Platform: Driving Greater Innovation

We’re excited to introduce an update that will enhance your experience with Miovision One even further. Our Miovision Core DCM opens up a world of possibilities for third-party applications, aligning technology seamlessly for greater innovation and efficiency.

What’s new with the On-Device Application Platform:

Easier Integration: Explore sensor and communication-equipped solutions effortlessly with our integrated hardware feature, streamlining integration and minimizing resource consumption.

Collaborative Opportunities: We’re fostering a collaborative environment where shared resources and expertise flourish, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations.

Leading the Way: We’re setting new standards by empowering one device to serve multiple functions and partner applications, establishing us as a prime choice for cutting-edge solutions.

Efficiency Unleashed: For those seeking sensor-driven solutions, our integrated hardware solution accelerates your journey to market, maximizing innovation impact.

Thank you for your unwavering trust in Miovision. As we embark on this journey to reshape the future of traffic management, we are thrilled about the growth and innovation that lie ahead in 2023 and beyond.

Your partnership and insights are instrumental in our mission. We invite you to explore these latest software releases, share your thoughts with us, and together, let’s create safer, more efficient urban environments.

For questions, assistance, or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our latest features, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. And remember to revisit our site for ongoing updates as we strive for continuous improvement.