Welcome, Rapid Flow

By: Kurtis McBride, CEO | Oct 11, 2022
Welcome, Rapid Flow - Miovision

Today, Miovision announced our second acquisition: Rapid Flow Technologies, creators of Surtrac – the market leading adaptive traffic signal control product..

Today’s announcement is a logical extension of the partnership we announced last year. We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the team from Rapid Flow, partnering on installations in Peterborough, Ontario and Quincy, Massachusetts, where Surtrac uses data from Miovision Core to continually adjust signal timing. The two systems – and teams – have worked together seamlessly to deliver success for these customers.

Everyone here at Miovision is really excited to add the Surtrac capabilities to our platform and are equally excited to have the people that developed Surtrac join our engineering team.

Existing Rapid Flow customers will continue to receive support from Miovision and now have access to a complete suite of products and services to help them optimize their traffic network. Miovision customers will now have access to a remarkable adaptive product that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Miovision’s offerings. It’s a win-win.

Welcome, Rapid Flow!

Learn more about Surtrac.