From Vision to Action: Inside Miovision’s Green Team Initiatives

By: Miovision Team | Apr 29, 2024
A collage of Miovision’s Community Cleanup Challenge

Many factors contribute to the climate crisis, but human activity is at the forefront. The road transportation sector alone accounts for 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Miovision is dedicated to developing intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions designed to reduce traffic congestion and emissions, contributing to the creation of smarter, greener cities.

However, our commitment to environmental stewardship extends far beyond our products and services. We have a comprehensive range of green initiatives that empower our employees to embrace sustainability in their daily lives and foster a culture of environmental consciousness within our community and organization—starting with Earth Month.

Keep reading to learn more about the steps we’re taking to create a Green Team!

How We Empowered Our Team to Go Green This Earth Month 

At Miovision, we believe that driving meaningful change in the fight against climate change requires a collective effort from all stakeholders. While global efforts are crucial, significant change can also start at home and within companies like ours.

Even seemingly small changes in daily habits can add up significantly when multiplied by millions of people. While our team develops green mobility solutions for smarter urban areas, we also empower our workforce to embrace eco-friendly activities.

By providing access to education, engagement, and practical implementation of sustainable practices, we aim to equip our employees with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to make a positive impact—both within our organization and in their personal lives.

Climate Action Education 

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding the impacts of our actions on the environment and learning how to make more sustainable choices. 

Through Lunch and Learn sessions, our employees learned practical ways to conserve energy at home and their sustainable transport options. Our Green Team also learned how to implement sustainable fashion choices that minimize the use of plastics. We also discussed the vital role bees play in maintaining healthy ecosystems and ensuring food security.

Aside from Lunch and Learn sessions, Miovision also partnered with Project Neutral to provide our team with valuable insights and resources for reducing their carbon footprints. Their household carbon footprint calculator has been instrumental in helping our employees understand their climate impact and what they can do about it.

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Community Cleanup Challenge

While sustainable mobility solutions are at the core of Miovision’s mission to create smarter cities, giving back to the community is also a major part of our advocacy. This Earth Month, we rallied our team to participate in the Community Cleanup Challenge, which is our way of assisting the community and the environment. 

Our team members hit the streets and parks in their neighborhoods for a local litter clean-up. This hands-on initiative wasn’t just about collecting trash—it’s about fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and civic engagement. For their efforts, we awarded lucky winners with amazing prizes.

Two Miovision team members participating in the Community Cleanup Challenge
Image Source: Team Miovision

Sustainable Cooking Classes

Food production and consumption also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but small changes in our kitchens can make a big difference. 

Our sustainable cooking classes taught employees practical techniques for reducing environmental impact in the kitchen. From energy-efficient cooking methods to creative ways to repurpose leftovers, these classes offered different techniques and recipes that translate to real environmental benefits.

Armed with the knowledge of mindful meal preparation, conscious consumption, and sustainable cooking techniques, our team is one delectable meal closer to a minimal carbon footprint. 

Bike Tune-up Clinic

Miovision is all about sustainable mobility solutions, and that extends beyond developing cutting-edge traffic detection and management systems for cities. 

We’re passionate about encouraging our team to adopt cycling as a healthy and eco-friendly vehicle for commutes, errands, and exploring the great outdoors. Miovision’s green sustainability solutions help cyclists navigate city streets more safely and efficiently.

This Earth Month, we take our cycling agenda to the next level in partnership with VeloFix. We hosted a bike-tune-up clinic where our incredible team members had the opportunity to get their bicycles road-ready for the season. 

Two people doing a bike tune-up
Image Source: Canva

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Workshops on Miovision’s Environmental Impact

Transparency is key to building a culture of sustainability. Miovision isn’t just following industry trends on what’s eco-friendly and what’s not. We constantly collect data to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions and take active steps to consistently reduce the numbers year after year.

As our way of engaging our employees in this advocacy, we took the time to conduct workshops on Miovision’s environmental impact as a company. 

From a deep dive into how our internal sustainable mobility solutions help cities plan better infrastructure to data-driven insights and case studies that quantify the positive impacts of our technology, we helped our team understand our contributions to building smarter, greener cities—along with what else needs to be done.

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Miovision’s Veritree Program

Green mobility solutions are just one part of our sustainability efforts. We also plan to offset our carbon footprint through tree planting. 

On April 8th, we introduced our partnership with Veritree to our employees through a fun scavenger hunt challenge. Veritree is a global reforestation organization dedicated to restoring native forests worldwide, and through them, Miovision has committed to purchasing one tree for every employee, for every month of 2024—amounting to a minimum of 5,000 trees annually.

These trees will be planted across three ecologically diverse locations: British Columbia, Florida, and Rwanda. By supporting the restoration of different forest types, we contribute to a greater environmental impact.

Our Promise to Make The World Greener and Fight Climate Change

Escalating environmental problems demand solutions at every level. Miovision is proud to stand at the forefront of the fight against climate change with our sustainable mobility solutions and internal green initiatives.

By continuously striving to reduce our environmental impact and supporting our clients in achieving their sustainability goals, Miovision is firmly committed to fostering a positive change in our environment and society. 

Join us on this transformative journey towards a greener future. 

Contact us today to learn more about our green mobility solutions and discover how we can work together to build a more sustainable tomorrow.