Miovision at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

By: Miovision Team | May 01, 2024
A team member at Miovision’s Intertraffic Amsterdam booth

Driven to revolutionize global traffic solutions, Miovision made its mark at the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024, held at RAI Amsterdam from April 16 to 19.

As a leading authority in traffic data and transportation management solutions, Miovision’s participation in this biennial event underscored our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of mobility. 

Drawing 35,000 passionate mobility professionals from around the world, the event became a dynamic hub for crucial discussions, pioneering innovations, and visionary strides in smart mobility. The event was a space for us to connect with other industry professionals, sharing insights on smart infrastructure, strategic traffic management, road safety initiatives, and cutting-edge urban parking solutions.

About Intertraffic Amsterdam 

Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the leading trade exhibition for the traffic and mobility sector. Held every two years, it is a pivotal platform for thousands of mobility experts, fostering dialogues and initiatives promoting smart, safe, and sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.

As the center of innovation and collaboration, the Intertraffic conference showcases a wide range of products and services, dividing its exhibition floor into five main themes: infrastructure, parking, road safety, smart mobility, and traffic management.

The Miovision team speaking with conference attendees at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Key Takeaways from Intertraffic 2024

Miovision Scout® Plus garnered considerable attention from international attendees. With its advanced features in traffic and safety studies, Scout Plus® drew interest from various regions, including Germany, France, Belgium, and the Middle East and LATAM regions. The global interest in our product demonstrates Miovision’s growth and ability to meet diverse market needs.

One notable area of focus that captured many mobility professionals’ attention was the safety studies presented, showcasing the Netherlands’ impressive safety record. With a remarkably low fatality rate and high bike use—over a quarter (28%) of trips there are by bike. compared to North America’s 1%. Netherlands’s bicycle mode share success is attributed to three key factors: speed management, physically separating bicycle lanes or paths from motor vehicle lanes using barriers, and the implementation of separate traffic signals for cyclists and motor vehicles at intersections. 

Craig Milligan, Ph.D., P.Eng., RSP2I, Senior Product Manager at Miovision, discussed the company’s partnership with Amsterdam and 15 other Dutch cities in collaboration with Mobycon. “We improve road safety by diagnosing road risks using video near miss analysis, and we made great strides in further understanding detailed risks on the road network in the Netherlands and identifying ways to improve road safety,” he shared.

Discover how the Netherlands encourages safety by design through thousands of miles of dedicated bicycle lanes, separated signal phases, and robust safety infrastructure. See how Miovision contributes to enhancing road safety by utilizing advanced video near-miss analysis to diagnose risks and identify effective safety improvements.

Miovision’s efforts in this region are a testament to its commitment to safety and its ability to leverage local insights for broader applications. Employing innovative techniques, we were able to determine the causes of road risks, allowing us to pinpoint ways to enhance road safety. This attempt highlights the importance of data-driven insights and strategies when addressing mobility challenges.

The Intersection | A Discussion with Johan Diepens, Mobycon

Watch the Intersection Podcast episode recorded during Intertraffic Amsterdam. Our host, Craig Milligan, sits down with Johan Diepens, the visionary Founder and CEO of Mobycon. Dive into an engaging conversation about the journey of starting Mobycon, their pivotal mission to reduce car dependency, and enhancing traffic safety across urban landscapes.

Successful Engagements and Collaborations 

The event was further enriched by Miovision’s two major speaking engagements, which attracted a significant number of visitors and sparked interest in Miovision’s solutions. The sessions highlighted the importance of software interoperability and the need for cities to have flexible choices in their digital infrastructure. This dialogue on interoperability emphasized a community-centered approach, essential for fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Software Interoperability: Ensuring Cities and Towns Have Choices in Digital Infrastructure

Presenting the session were Miovision’s Chief Revenue Officer, Lyne Jaques, and Senior Product Manager Craig Milligan, Ph.D., P.Eng., RSP2I.

During this session, Craig emphasized the critical role of safety and the importance of software interoperability in developing smart mobility solutions. He outlined six key principles guiding the development and implementation of interoperable traffic solutions, which are:

  1. City-led, industry embraced
  2. Intellectual property (IP) rights recognize and leveraged
  3. Low latency interoperability
  4. Secure interoperability
  5. Dynamic control interoperability
  6. Edge interoperability

The Vision of the Digital Intersection Can Be Deployed Right Now

In another engaging presentation, Craig and Miovision’s Global Director of Sales, Corey Watterson, discussed near-miss analysis. This session discussed near-miss analysis, our winning submission for U.S. DOT’s Intersection Safety Challenge White Alert: A Digital Multi-Channel Vision for Scalable Intersection Safety, which proposed design concepts for intersection safety systems.

Craig also delved into Miovision’s winning paper Addressing GTFS Realtime Data Latency to Improve Transit Signal Priority, which supports Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology. This technology aims to reduce individual cars on the road to lower the environmental impact of road networks.

 Craig Milligan and Lyne Jaques posing for a photo at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

Wrapping-Up Miovision’s Presence at Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam

Global Interest in the Launch of Miovision Scout® Plus

One of the stars of the show was Miovision’s Scout Plus, which drew considerable attention from international attendees, particularly from Germany, France, Belgium, and notably from the Middle East and LATAM regions. 

Many were drawn to Scout Plus for its advanced features in traffic and safety studies. These include onboard Automatic Traffic Recorder(ATR) and Speed studies. Miovision Safety Studies accurately measures 60 risk configurations for standard intersections, representing all crash configurations with significant potential to produce fatalities and serious injuries at 94% accuracy. The global interest shows Miovision’s growth and ability to meet diverse market needs.

Integration and Expansion of Miovision Solutions

The acquisition of Traffic Technology Services (TTS) and the integration of V2X technology showcased at the booth represent Miovision’s strategic steps toward enhancing its service offerings. The demo was particularly noteworthy, drawing interest from cities focused on reducing travel times through advanced technology. Frank Offermann, Managing Director of Miovision Technologies GmbH, highlighted the seamless integration post-acquisition, indicating accelerated growth and enhanced delivery capabilities.

“We are happy to be in the Mio family. The timing—just six weeks after the acquisition—couldn’t be better. We are confident that our rollup will speed up,” says Frank.

More than that, we leveraged this opportunity to forge connections with other traffic signal companies, fostering potential collaborations that can significantly expedite our coverage and impact.

Networking and Relationship Building

The event also provided a unique platform for face-to-face interactions. Craig Carroll, VP of Sales at Miovision Opticom, emphasized the value of meeting customers in person, which not only strengthens relationships but also helps understand market needs better. Such interactions are crucial as Miovision continues to adapt its products for international use, ensuring they are compatible with existing infrastructures across the globe. It’s not about making drastic changes or forcing compatibility; it’s about understanding and adapting. By integrating our solutions seamlessly with their infrastructure, we can provide value to our customers and establish ourselves as a global leader in the industry.

People gathered at Miovision’s booth at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

The Road Ahead: Closing Remarks on Miovision’s Intertraffic Amsterdam Experience

Intertraffic Amsterdam was a resounding success for Miovision, reinforcing our role as a leader in traffic management solutions. The insights and engagements from the event are set to drive our initiatives forward, as we continue to innovate and collaborate for safer and more efficient urban mobility.

As we look ahead, we are excited to reconnect with many of our partners and continue these discussions at the upcoming ITS World Congress in Dubai this September. This will be a fantastic opportunity to further our collaborations and explore new advancements in traffic technology.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and developments as we continue to navigate the path towards smarter, safer cities. Together, we are driving change that makes a real difference.

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